Wilderness First Aid Basics

Wilderness First Aid Kit

When you want to spend the day in the great outdoors, the last thing on your mind is thinking that you could get hurt or have an injury. But when you’re sitting at camp or in your tree stand, having a small kit with the essentials to patch yourself up can keep your trip from getting cut short.

But what do you need to carry? You already know you’ll be carrying every pound up the mountain and back down. So what do you bring when you’re tight on space and weight? This list will help you to know what to put in a zip bag that you can fit in a cargo pocket or backpack as you get ready to enjoy your time with peace of mind. The most common injuries when you’re out and about:

Sprains, strains, cuts, blisters, stings/bites, burns. Carrying these 5 things will help you quickly treat these minor injuries and move on with your adventure. I’m assuming that while you’re out you’ll have food, water, phone, knife and the essentials for your trip.

1. Baggie

Whether you want to use a gallon or quart size, get a bag with a secure zip on the top. Not only will it keep the contents dry, but you can also use it as an ice pack later on if you need it (you can fill it with cold creek water or ice from a cooler).

2. Gauze

Gauze, Treatment, Medical, Band-Aid, Bandage, Wound

You can use a quick piece of gauze to patch up a spot bigger than a band-aid will cover. Carrying it as a roll or small squares are a great way to clean yourself up when your out and about. You can make a field dressing to prevent your trip from being cut short. Below are just SOME of the many functions it can serve:

  • Dressing
  • To Wipe and clean a wound
  • Makeshift tourniquet
  • Making a splint

3. Antibiotic Ointment

Using a cream to prevent the wound from getting infected is critical when you are spending the day following the trail. Putting little on after you rinse off a cut or on a burn can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

4. Wipes

Whether you go with a pack of single-use hand wipes, alcohol wipes or even baby wipes, you’ll need something to clean a wound. If you’ve got a burn, scrape, blister, or cut, you can clean it up, see how bad it is and dress it from there.

5. Meds

Pill, Capsule, Medicine, Medical, Health, Drug

If you take any medications, be it benadryl, motrin, or a prescription, then take them out of the bottle, put them in those small snack bags, label it and throw it in there. When you’re in a pinch you’ve got some. Make sure you label the bags! Pills look alike. But having some handy can be helpful. THIS INCLUDES DIABETIC MEDICATIONS, INHALERS, EPI PENS AND OTHER EMERGENCY MEDICATIONS!

When in doubt, putting a few things in a bag and into your pocket can help you out later on. While it won’t save you from severe injuries, this small pocket first aid kit can keep you on the hunt or enjoying the campfire.

Feel free to add down below what you would add in your pocket kit.  Do you carry these? Is there anything you would add or leave at home? Tell me what you’re thinking.

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