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Top 10 Movies to Distract You From Politics, Pt. 2

As it stands, the media has called the presidential race in favor of Joe Biden. But, as was the case when George W. Bush beat Al Gore, that doesn’t mean the race is officially done. 

I’m still totally needing a break from all political nonsense. 

It’s nonsensical to blame the president for your own issues. It’s also nonsensical to start getting angry at others because of who is in office. 

Lastly, I think it’s ridiculous that there are elected officials *cough cough (not a COVID cough) AOC cough cough (still not a COVID cough)* that are condoning and encouraging bipartisanship and arguing between parties. 

What really needs to happen is that everyone in politics has to realize that they aren’t supposed to split the country more, but work for the people and uniting everyone. Some things will benefit some people more than others, but that’s just how the world works frankly. 

I think something that can easily be agreed upon is watching movies for some serious escapism! That means, I’m finishing up the list from last week to help distract you from politics! This time, I’m going to be focusing on a single film instead of full franchises.


Watch Rocky | Prime Video

It didn’t take long for this strip of movie recommendations to turn into me listing off some of my favorite movie franchises. 

I don’t think there is anything wrong with that because movies offer a great way to explore ideas and confront personal demons without the risk of real-life getting involved. But that’s a deep discussion for another time.

If you haven’t seen the Rocky movies, then what are you doing with your life? The series feels like it is never going to end because now it has evolved into Creed following the son of Apollo Creed. And the movies are still insanely good!

In an age where boxing is losing fans and is not nearly as popular as it once was, the Rocky series is still inspiring and will hopefully remind everyone that Americans need to come together.

The first film in the series shows us that it’s okay to get beat. Sometimes the loser will just come back with a vengeance and really change things.

Terminator 2

The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day Documentary - YouTube

Most of this list has been series, and I guess this could be a series listing also if you really want it to, but I only really cared for the first two in the Terminator franchise. 

The first one sets everything up, but really all you need is the second film in the franchise. 

T2 is talked about as one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. It’s also one of the greatest action movies of all time. That means, it even gets a bit of talk as one of the greatest movies of all time. Period.

I’m also a little biased because I’m into fitness and Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most aesthetic humans to ever live…physique wise of course.

I mean, seriously, what is more iconic than freaking android Arnold protecting John Connor?

Mission: Impossible Franchise Mission Impossible 1-5 [DVD]: Tom Cruise: Movies & TV

For all these 5 movies I wanted to list a single film from each franchise, but the Mission: Impossible series makes it to where I can’t limit it like that. I feel like each movie is better in some ways than the previous, but they also all have their flaws in some ways.

Although these movies are directly related to politics, they are also a reminder that big changes can come from an individual. They also show that an organization can turn their back on an individual quickly, which I think is kind of a shot at cancel culture, even though these movies came out before cancel culture was a thing.

Nonetheless, I think the Mission: Impossible movies are some of the best out there. I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise and his Scientology bull crap, but he is a fantastic actor and his movies are still really engaging. 

Plus, the character development throughout the series is incredible! I wrote a post about it early in my writing career here.

Die Hard Die Hard: Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia, Reginald  VelJohnson, Paul Gleason, William Atherton, Hart Bochner, James Shigeta,  Alexander Godunov, Bruno Doyon, De'voreaux White, Andreas Wisniewski, John  McTiernan, Beau Marks, Charles

The last movie in the list is also supposed to start preparing you for the holiday season. 

Die Hard is often debated as a Christmas movie. I never grew up watching it for Christmas because my dad would literally loop A Christmas Story for the entire family despite our groans.

But ever since I saw the movie, I’ve kept in my rotation for Christmas movies. 

The plot doesn’t have much to do with any holiday, but it still counts because of the setting in the movie. 

What’s not to love with this movie though? You get peak Bruce Willis killing terrorists to help save the day. There is nothing wrong with that!

Seriously though, if you get overly stressed with the state of things, throw on Die Hard and get lost in a truly heroic journey. 

Yippee ki yay, motherf – sorry I got carried away there for a moment. 

Did I Miss Some?

It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, this election has been exhausting. 

And I’m not even directly involved!

Even if you’re not actively engaged in politics, you have been pretty much forced to keep up with everything going on. So, the best way to escape is by engaging in some mostly mindless movies. 

Let me know if I missed your favorites in the comments below!

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