Top 10 Conspiracy Theories Pt. 1

There is nothing more fun than talking to a true conspiracy theorist. They are always spouting off the craziest stuff. The best part, or worst depending on your view, is that they are typically extremely well informed in politics and use that to prove their points. They also have likely spent hundreds of hours researching their conspiracies, so they know the deeper history better than a lot of people.

Some of their ideas are straight up out there – like the government is using chemtrails to make a more docile community. I think that the current riots would like to have a word with that theory!

Nonetheless, a lot of conspiracy theories come from what could be described as plot holes in real life. These “real-life plot holes” are a perfect way to blame people or groups others don’t like or don’t trust.

What I want to explore are the most intriguing and entertaining “plot holes” in real life. Some that could actually make sense. Without further ado, here are the top 10 conspiracy theories. I’ll deliver this in 2 parts so that I don’t just ramble on for multiple thousands of words.

SIDE NOTE: I will not be touching any COVID-19 conspiracy theories because I think that topic has become unnecessarily contentious and people should start focusing their efforts more on solving the problem than politicizing it and blaming people. It’s entirely too serious of an issue to play around with right now.


Some funny people dressed as aliens
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I’m starting off with a big one here!

There are literally millions of people out there that think aliens exist. Not only that they exist, but that aliens have had a huge part in the history of humanity.

This conspiracy theory is pushed even further by the fact that History Channel has a show called Ancient Aliens, which is a very entertaining show, but the entire point of the show is that people only have the technology we have and our entire human history is built by aliens. Religions didn’t exist to praise gods, but to praise the alien visitors.

Yeah, it’s totally bonkers.

The idea that aliens exist isn’t that crazy to me. In fact, I believe that the universe is entirely too big for there not to be life out there somewhere.

The aspect I highly doubt is that aliens have visited earth and played a role, even a minor one, in the evolution of our society. That is entirely too far fetched to make sense to me. If aliens did visit earth, I think there would be some indisputable evidence by now.

I guess that’s where the conspiracy theory lies though…


chemtrails behind an airplane

This is a new to me conspiracy. I guess my family has always straight-up called this one stupid and never bought into it. However, if you live in middle-America then you probably have heard about this one.

It is all based on facts originally, which why it’s such a good conspiracy.

Chemtrails are derived from the contrails that are left behind by airplanes as they fly through the sky. Contrails are the true technical name for the condensation cloud trails that follow airplanes as they fly. They come from the condensation produced by the burning of jet fuel. The trail is primarily frozen water, but it does have some other particles mixed in from the burning of the fuel.

Chemtrails are the evolution of this phenomenon that says the contrails actually contain chemicals produced by the government for various reasons.

The reasoning behind the theory is that in the 1950s, the government really used chemtrails to help produce pesticides and tested it over American soil. Then in the Vietnam War, chemtrails were used to kill plants in Vietnam as a bio-weapon. Some American soldiers were also hit with the herbicide that was most often used and the soldiers, and the American public was told it was harmless to humans. We now know, it wasn’t. The herbicide has led to various health issues and birth defects in progeny.

Some people believe the chemtrails are still in use today for various purposes on the general American public.

The craziest, but most interesting, conspiracy is that the chemtrails have a chemical that makes people more and more docile and more susceptible to be controlled by the government. The people that believe this theory might want to go visit Portland before buying into this one.

Princess Diana Murder

various pictures of Princess Diana
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I didn’t have a whole lot of experience with this conspiracy theory because I was only 3 when it happened. No, really. My birthday is on August 31, 1994. So, for my birthday a major political conspiracy was born. Which is kind of cool.

The theory is built of the real-life tragedy of Diana the Princess of Wales dying in a horrific car crash. Princess Diana was pretty recently divorced from Prince Charles and had 2 children with him, Harry and Willian.

The divorce was a bit messy and Princess Diana was said to have been suffering from depression throughout the majority of the marriage. This was only fueled further by the infidelity by both parties of the marriage.

The Royal Family had been criticized for how the marriage made them look, so it adds to the numerous plot holes and ideas that push the idea of conspiratorial murder over a simple car crash. The most damning evidence might be that Princess Diana had written a letter while married to Prince Charles that said she thought he was planning to kill her in a car accident. Then she told the media to prepare for a big announcement on August 31. The irony is that the big announcement, which is now believed to be about her pregnancy and hidden engagement, is that the announcement turned out to be her death.

The official report says that it was a simple tragedy, but there a lot of loose ends that seem extremely sketchy. Things like: Princess Diana was allegedly pregnant outside of marriage, she had recently become engaged to Dodi Fayed, her driver was replaced with a bodyguard, she was not so secretly disliked by the Royal Family, paparazzi allegedly caused the wreck, and Princess Diana had planned a tell-all about the Royal Family.

There’s a lot that goes into this one. at the least, it’s very interesting. Take a deep dive and read up on it for a good time killer.

Area 51

Area 51 fake picture

Area 51 might be the most well-known conspiracy theory in America, if not the entire world.

The gist of the Area 51 conspiracy is that it is a United States government base that houses everything from aliens and alien technology to top-secret experiments involving paranormal studies and science experiments to create super-powered humans.

A big question that people have is “where are the other 50 areas?”

That is explained away with the idea that the land that was purchased for Area 51 is sectioned off elsewhere, and the government purchased the area known as “area 51.” That’s the most likely explanation, but another is that it is a playoff the 50 states of the United States, and it is basically its own state. This is because of all the people that allegedly worked there and got sick from various experiments and work with the government creating and finding loopholes to not have to follow normal state and federal laws.

The rumors and conspiracies have only grown with the recent release from the Pentagon about UFOs. Keep in mind UFOs are literally unidentified flying objects. It could be something that someone somewhere could identify, but the people involved in classifying the flying object couldn’t identify it. Maybe some kid is really excited right now because his science experiment has tricked the entire nation into thinking it was an alien spacecraft.

Whatever the case, Area 51 continues to play in pop culture and makes for a ton of extremely entertaining movies, books, and TV shows.


The Illuminati Facts and Fiction book cover
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The only conspiracy theory with more press than Area 51 is the Illuminati.

Just like with all good conspiracies, the Illuminati is based on some facts. The Illuminati was created in 1776 in Bavaria and is a shortened name for the Bavarian Illuminati. They were actually a secret society and are known as “the enlightened ones.” The original goal of the Bavarian Illuminati was to oppose misinformation, superstition, religious fanaticism, and obscurantism.

Ironically, the Illuminati is now known for feeding the exact thing that it was trying to fight.

The Illuminati is said to have died in the 1780s, but there are still alleged members out there today. The conspiracy is that after the Bavarian Illuminati really died, they just went underground. It was already a secret society, in the same sense that the Freemasons are currently a secret society despite everyone knowing they exist.

The modern conspiracy is that the Illuminati is now a secret organization made up of the world’s richest people and they have the goal to unite the world under a single ruler of the wealthiest of the elite. This is called the New World Order, and a sub-conspiracy theory is that WWE’s owner Vince McMahon is a member of the Illuminati. His wrestling promotion competitor the WCW, which was owned by Ted Turner, created a wrestling stable called nWo or New World Order as a way to hint at McMahon’s involvement in the Illuminati conspiracy.

But that’s a deep dive that could be an article in and of itself.

A lot of the Illuminati iconography, the all-seeing eye, for instance, is actually symbolism of the Freemasons, so the Freemasons often get lumped in as the larger front for the Illuminati and actually does good in the world to direct attention away from the Illuminati.

No matter what the truth is, I believe that humans, Americans especially, will confront any oppression that is unjust. So, if the Illuminati is real, then they won’t be taking over anytime soon because of the innate human ability to see and attack injustice.

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