The First 90 days- What to expect from POTUS

Whether you are thrilled that Biden will take office in as little as 12 days or appalled at the change in office, there are some changes to expect. His office has listed out several of his goals to tackle within his first three months, and there things that every American should know about. He has taken a forward approach to areas such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Climate Change, Immigration, and Economics. With all of these changes, here are some things that you can expect to start coming down the pipeline. This post will be more about what is coming and less about viewpoints and opinions.


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC
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COVID has had varying impacts on the lives of all Americans. Whether it is the loss of work, the financial strain on a small business, shut-downs, illnesses, and new legislation, we have all been impacted by this virus. While there are many stances on the best way to tackle the pandemic, Biden has been very vocal about his views and how he plans to address the situation.

  • He told the press that he planned to set up an advisory board to help him make decisions about the pandemic. This includes vaccine testing and distribution, handling the surges in infections, and guiding him to make new laws.
  • He plans to assign more funds for COVID-19 relief packages that also includes elimination of $10,000 in student loans and possibly further stimulus checks.
  • Biden wants to rejoin the WHO (World Health Organization).
  • He plans to sign an executive order or pass new laws requiring masks to be work “everywhere I can

Biden has made it clear that he wants to take an aggressive approach to getting the virus under control while ensuring widespread distribution of the vaccine. While many are on the fence for the vaccine (myself included), he wants to push to make it available to any that want it.

Climate Change

Worried about climate change?
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Biden has stated that he wanted a greener America with clean energy and rejoining the Paris Acord. (The Paris Acord wants to reduce the use of fossil fuels and decrease emissions by 30% before 2025. With the US being the world’s second largest contributor, it can be difficult to meet that goal). While it may be an admirable to want to make the world a little greener, elimination of these fuels can cause the loss jobs that fuel our world, the $2 trillion dollar spending plan to meet his goals, and forcing a switch to green fuels. The switch is a forced action that he plans to begin when he takes office, with the impact lasting until 2050.


What Do Immigrants Want And How Do They Get It?
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One of Biden’s largest pushes has to do with his Immigration plans. He believes in allowing many more to join the country as US citizens. While it is a nice vision in a perfect world, he plans to repeal and reverse a lot of the actions that Trump enacted to keep American’s safe.

  • Reinstating DACA and doing a major reform. He plans to send an immigration reform to Congress that would allow for 11 million undocumented, illegal immigrants to become citizens.
  • He plans to reform the refugee admission and prevent deportation for people who were brought to the US as children or have US citizens as children.
  • He wants to stop the separation of families at the US-Mexico border. he wants to prevent illegal immigrants being deported because they have a US child.
  • He wants to stop and reverse any construction on a wall separating the US and Mexico.
  • Restoring immigration from all countries, including the Muslim-majority countries and outlawing future legislation that would limit travel or immigration to these areas.

Biden pushes for diversity and allowing an easier time for illegal immigrants and undocumented to gain the right to citizenship. There are so many impacts with handing out citizenship, reversing protective policies, and also reforming a system that impacts millions of lives.


What Coronavirus Means For Your Money
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Biden has stated a variety of ways that he wants to improve and stimulate the economy.

  • He plans to raise takes on those that make more than $400,000. While he promised not to raise taxes on those making lower, he does plan to increase and prevent them from getting tax breaks and encourage them to pay more.
  • Invest in the “Made in America” plan to boost domestic manufacturing, research and development.
  • Reverse tax cuts to large corporations
  • Increase accessibility to disability, paid sick leave, and creating more jobs.

The economy is a living being that stays at the forefront of many minds. While the changes may seem like they will only impact the top, it will in fact effect everyone involved. Biden believes that by attacking the top, he can trickle down the wealth. His policies will have impacts on many corporations who in turn employ Americans and help them support their own families.

These “promises” are the hallmarks of his campaign that he plans to push forth in his first three months of office. He believes that he can create a significant reform with a few key actions, allowing more citizens to be included, and by increasing federal spending. Biden seeks to “repair” worldwide relations with NATO, WHO, and other foreign countries that he believes Trump didn’t respect. Through these initial acts, legislative actions, executive orders and plans, we can expect to see some changes in these areas right off the bat. While some may not take full effect, Biden believes that he can create a lasting impression on the US that lasts well past his presidency.

While many, like myself, are nervous about the next actions to take place, there are others who are singing his praises. I will be cautiously watching from the sidelines as he enacts the new laws to “unite” the US that he claims is very divided.

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