The 2020 US Presidential Election – Fraud on an Unprecedented Scale

Picture the following scenario.

There is a Presidential election going on. The establishment’s favorite candidate is running against the incumbent President. Despite the establishment’s best efforts, the President is doing better than expected and has a comfortable lead over his opponent.

Suddenly, they stop counting the votes and call it a day. In the middle of the night, however, they happen to find a large vote dump containing over 100,000 votes – every single one of which goes to the opponent – thereby reducing the President’s lead to next-to-nothing.

This is something you’d expect to see in a corrupt third world country or a banana republic. Unfortunately, it happened in Michigan last week.

Fraud on an Unprecedented Scale

2020 Fraud Predictions: What to Expect Across the Globe as Cybercrime Evolves
[The activation button that the Democrats must have pushed before the election.]
It was known from the very beginning that the Democrats would try to win this election by hook or crook. However, no one – including the most cynical of conservative political analysts – thought that they would do it so blatantly.

Given below is a partial list of the irregularities (that we know of) in the vote-counting process so far.

  • In Michigan, in the middle of the night, they found a vote dump containing 138,339 votes – every single one of which went to Biden – which allowed him to reduce President Trump’s lead to a significant extent. The odds of something like this happening are so low that experts have called it a ‘statistical impossibility’.
  • In Detroit, tens of thousands of ballots were brought into the counting center in the wee hours of the morning. According to GOP poll watchers, the vehicles carrying the ballots had out-of-state license plates. Not surprisingly, each and every one of those votes went to Biden.
  • In Rochester Hills, GOP poll watchers were kicked out of the counting centers while poll workers – who were wearing Biden/Harris t-shirts and caps by the way – clapped and cheered on.
  • In Wayne County, poll workers locked the doors, blocked the windows, and denied entry to GOP poll watchers.
  • In Philadelphia Convention Center, several GOP observers were kicked out. Those who were allowed to stay were made to stand in a corner so that they could not see what was going on.
  • In Michigan, several unsecured absentee ballots, which did not arrive in sealed boxes, were counted as legitimate ballots. In fact, poll observers claim that the workers were instructed to backdate absentee ballots and process them without verifying the signatures. No prizes for guessing whom those votes went to.
  • In several counties in Georgia, thousands of votes were cast in the names of deceased people, people who do not live in the state, and people who are ineligible to vote.
  • In several counties in Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Alaska, the number of registered voters was higher than the total number of eligible voters.
  • In Pennsylvania, over 21,000 registered voters – who are listed as ‘active’ – have been dead for more than five years.
  • In Philadelphia, poll workers have been ordered to destroy all ballet envelopes, so that naked ballots and post-election ballots could not be identified – even if an audit were to be conducted.
  • Throughout the country, over 450,000 ballots have been cast exclusively for Biden. In other words, 450,000 people voted only for the job-killing Biden, while neglecting the down-ballot candidates in House and Senate races, which is extremely suspicious.
  • Due to a low-enthusiastic voter base, Biden performed worse than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 in several major cities. However, in key swing states – where he desperately needed the votes – he managed to outperform the health care destroying Barack Hussein Obama – who did spectacularly well in 2008 and 2012. It is a statistical anomaly, to say the least.

Remember – this is just a glimpse of the fraud committed by the Democrats in this election. It might take another week or two to get a clear idea of the extent of the fraud committed by the DNC.

Mail-in Ballots – The Root Cause of All Problems

Vote by Mail Fail: Substantial number of Wisconsin absentee ballots were never delivered | The Milwaukee Independent
[Image via The Milwaukee Independent]
The Democrats have always supported the idea of mail-in voting, as it makes it easier for them to cheat in elections. They know that several counties in the country do not have the mechanism in place to determine the legality and validity of mail-in ballots. This is precisely why they have been clamoring for mail-in voting ever since the Wuhan virus pandemic broke out.

The results are there for all of us to see. An unprecedented number of mail-in ballots have been cast – especially in swing states where Biden needed the votes to close the gap between him and Trump.

A Fake Victory for Joe Biden

Pennsylvania's payback: A Biden victory | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
[Image via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
While the GOP is scrambling to file lawsuits to audit and recount the votes in several counties, the mainstream media have already declared Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

In fact, Biden is already talking to foreign leaders about his policies and the agenda he plans to implement when he takes office. In case you do not remember – this is exactly the crime that Gen. Michael Flynn was charged with.

For talking to world leaders and discussing policy issues – which is something that a President-elect’s transition team has the right to do – Gen. Flynn was persecuted to such an extent that he had to sell his house to pay the legal fees.

Here we have Biden, who is most likely suffering from dementia and has no idea what he is saying most of the time, talking to world leaders about God knows what – despite the fact that the election results are disputed and could very well be overturned in the coming weeks.

Why shouldn’t he be prosecuted under the Logan Act, just like Gen. Flynn was?

Why did the Democratic establishment pull out all the stops to stop Trump in 2020? How did they ever think they could get away with it? Most importantly, what can we do about it? I’ve tried to answer these questions in the second part of this article, which you can find here.


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