The 2020 US Presidential Election – Fraud on an Unprecedented Scale – Part II

Why did the Democratic establishment pull out all the stops to stop Donald Trump in 2020?

The answer to this question is quite obvious. Trump, for the last four years, has thumbed his nose at the DC establishment and has reset the global order with his America-first policy. The elites know that if they do not remove Trump now, they might never be able to regain their dominant position again and they desperately want to turn America into a Baltimore and urine smelling San Francisco cesspool.

For four years, Trump has focused on making America stronger. Each and every one of his policy decisions – whether it is imposing tariffs on China, pulling out of the Paris climate accord, renegotiating trade deals, reviving the manufacturing sector, or securing the border – has benefitted our country enormously.

Trump’s policies have made things uncomfortable for the global elites – who have been leeching off of the United States for decades.

Think about it. Unlike his predecessors, Trump did not start any war during his reign. Nor did he try to ‘impose democracy’ in other countries. This is a major setback for the military-industrial complex, which profits off of never-ending wars – like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Similarly, Trump’s tariff war with China has made the elites – most of whom have business interests in China – very uncomfortable.

Above all, Trump’s America-first immigration policy poses a serious threat to the elites’ plan of replacing the American working class with immigrants and restructuring the American society at a fundamental level.

This is why globalist elites like George Soros and mega-rich corporations like Google and Facebook – who are internationalist in their outlook and have no affinity to the country they are based in – are so keen to get rid of Trump by any means necessary.

Now, the next question is – why do the Democrats believe that they could brazenly steal an election and get away with it? The answer, once again, is quite obvious. It is due to their stranglehold on the mainstream media and Big Tech.

Information Suppression – The Name of the Game

J. Edgar Hoover quote: It can be held certain that information that is  withheld...

For the past two weeks, the mainstream media and Big Tech have been conducting a massive information suppression campaign to prevent people from knowing the truth about the presidential election.

Democratic ISIS-loving lackeys on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and CBS are repeatedly claiming that Joe Biden has won the election fair and square, and Trump is ‘disrespecting the norms of the constitution’ by refusing to concede.

Corrupt and evil Big Tech, on the other hand, is ruthlessly censoring anyone who dares to point out the irregularities in the vote-counting process. Hundreds of prominent conservative accounts on Twitter and Facebook have been restricted or suspended.

Such is their commitment to the Democratic cause that Twitter has censored several tweets of the President himself!

The ugly truth that nobody wants to admit is that radical Marxists and globalists have managed to subvert a section of our society by doing what they call ‘the long march through the institutions’.

Take a look at our streets. Take a good look at the brainwashed malcontents (who want us to pay for their healthcare and college tuition because they did not study in high school and many chose the wrong college degree and these lazy protestors don’t want to have to work to pay it off) that are protesting against Trump. These are normal people who have been brainwashed to the point of neurosis by the mainstream media, Big Tech, and our educational institutions. In other words, Joseph McCarthy (God bless his soul) has been proven right!

Where Do We Go From Here?

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The billion-dollar question is – what do we do now and where do we go from here?

Right now, the only option for conservatives is to fight like their lives depend on it. If the Democrats manage to steal this election, we can expect two things to happen.

They will go after Trump, his family, and his supporters with a vengeance and make sure they all pay a heavy price for daring to wrest control from the left-liberal establishment. What they did to Michael Flynn and what they tried to do to Roger Stone is merely a teaser of what they plan to do on a large scale – if they regain power.

They will muzzle conservative voices on every single platform and throw the book at anyone who dares to voice a dissident opinion. The censorship that we are being subjected to right now will become the ‘new normal’, so that any opinion which is deemed dangerous to the left-liberal global order can be stamped out at the very beginning.

Simply put, it is time for conservatives to cross the Rubicon and do what is right. Trump has shown us that you can win over a large section of the American society with a nationalistic agenda. Record numbers of working-class people – including Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and even the Amish – have voted for Trump as they believe in his nation-first agenda.

The need of the hour is to take the battle to the courts. Lawsuits need to be filed, votes need to be audited, and if needed, a second election should be held in counties where there have been massive irregularities.

Voters – especially those who live in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – should call the GOP legislators in these states and ask them to exercise their authority in fixing the irregularities in the vote-counting process. Remember – according to the constitution, state legislators have the power to choose the electors who have the authority to vote for President in the Electoral College.

The silver lining is that unlike the Democratic Party, the GOP does not have to cheat or resort to dirty tricks in order to win the election. If we reject invalid ballots and count only those ballots which are deemed valid, we can certainly win the votes needed to win this election.

Most importantly, we must make sure that the Trump movement does not end – irrespective of the election results. It needs to go on for the sake of our country.

The best part about the Trump movement is that it is not a personality cult. It stands for a set of ideals and ideas. After the departure of Trump in 2024, nationalists like Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, or Bobby Jindal can take up the mantle and build on the legacy of Trump. Whatever happens, we must send a firm message to the rainbow coalition – we will not give up on our country.

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