A chalk outline of the Democratic party mascot that has died.

Iowa Caucus Results Prove the Fall Of The Democratic Party

The Iowa caucus meltdown is a sign of things to come for the Democratic Party. Dubious debating criteria, false accusations, and compulsive infighting topped by technical fiascos highlighted the launch of the 2020 Democratic primaries. And these are the people…

President Trump Trumps Pelosi with Impeachment Acquittal

President Donald J. Trump has officially been acquitted for both articles of Impeachment brought on by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This was an inevitable conclusion. The only way the charges would stand is if they could prove intent, which the…

Impact of the Space Force

A lot of media has come out since the reveal of the Space Force logo talking about how dumb the symbol is and how it looks just like the Star Trek logo, I agree with the basic sentiment of how it looks similar, but it’s also super cool.