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Shield Republic Approved, 5 Best Halloween Costumes

Honestly, what holiday can beat Halloween? You can wear what you want, get free candy from strangers or make your house the best stop on the block. The first step to success, having the perfect costume. Whether you go low key or all out, these Shield Republic approved costumes can help you show your spirit this Halloween. (Buy ‘Merica Bald Eagle Mullet Shirt Here!)

1. American Pride

What says American Spirit more than an Eagle. Whether you sport this look with one of our shirts or go mask and bandanna, you can’t go wrong with this. Nothing says American Spirit more than our own emblem. You can make this as serious or as fun as you want, depending on your style. Either way, everyone will get the look you’re going for.


2. All American Dad

If you want to rock that dad bod, go low key and still show your spirit, then this D.I.Y. costume should take you about 5 minutes to throw together. You can go old school with some jean shorts, crew socks and shoes, or go for a more comical Hangover style. Pair it with one of our hats, some aviators, grab a beer, and enjoy. You’re welcome. (Buy Dad Bod Merchandise here)

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3. Scientist

You want to go with minimal effort but win? This is for you. Whether you go for the for the wig or hat, can rock your math side and show off your Triggernomics. (Buy Triggernometry Shirt Here)

4. News Reporter

Whether you want to show off your shirt or make a statement, the laughs are never-ending here. You can proudly display your FNN shirt or go for the funny weatherman, this is surely to be an original laugh for you. 

5. Presidential Race 2016

If you want to make a splash with a family gag, then this set of costumes is for you. While it make make waves with some crowds, many of us will laugh and join in on the joke. The snowflakes will quake. Take this as serious or silly as you heart desires, and feel free to add our MAGA hats or Trump Support Shirts.

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