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Ridin’ With Hidin Biden? Here’s What The Ride Looks Like So Far

It’s now official, folks. Joe ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ Biden has been sworn in as the President and Kamala ‘I’ll prosecute your ass for having the wrong opinion’ Harris has been sworn in as the Vice President.

It’s only been a few days since the leadership changed and it already feels like a brand new country. Let’s take a look at how Biden’s ‘unify the country’ agenda is going; shall we?

Hidin Biden – The Anti-Trump Which Means He’s Anti-Great

Lessenberry: Donald Trump, not GOP, lost Michigan | The Blade
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Ever since he was sworn in, the job killing Biden has been on an executive order signing spree. So far, he has issued more than 20 executive orders – far more than any other President in history did in the first week of their administration.

Not surprisingly, most of the executive orders signed by Biden are meant to reverse key policy decisions made by the Trump administration. As of now, he has:

  • Rejoined the corrupt and pitiful WHO

  • Re-entered the job destroying Paris climate agreement which has China listed as a developing country

  • Ended the ban on refugees from Muslim countries

  • Terminated the construction of the border wall which keeps out rapists and anchor babies – does Joe have daughters he does not care about? Oh – he knows they are protected so he does not care.

  • Ended the ban on transgender people serving in the military (which means there’s going to be an increase in death by friendly fire)

  • Allowed illegal aliens to be incorporated into the census

At this rate, Biden might actually rewrite the constitution – stating that he doesn’t want to abide by the same constitution that Trump did.

He did in fact enforce one of Trump’s key policy decisions though. He has imposed travel-related restrictions on non-US citizens from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, and several other countries where the Wuhan virus pandemic has still not been brought under control.

It’s a wise move, wouldn’t you say? The only problem is that when President Trump imposed such restrictions back in March 2020 – when the pandemic had just broken out in the US – Biden criticized the decision vehemently. In a tweet, Biden stated that ‘banning travel from other parts of the world will not stop the coronavirus’.

The mainstream media, not surprisingly, sang along with Biden and stated that Trump’s move was ‘xenophobic’. Now that President Biden has done the exact same thing, they are praising him for his decisive action to combat the pandemic.

You see; in Biden’s America, what you do no longer matters. What matters is – who you are. The same action could be right or wrong, depending on whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.

The End of the Keystone Pipeline

What is the PowerShell pipeline? | Computerworld

One of the first decisions that Biden made right after he was sworn into the office was to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, which provided employment opportunities to thousands of workers. It is estimated that over 11,000 people – including 8,000 union workers – might lose their jobs as a result of the cancellation.

When questioned about the job losses, former Secretary of State John Kerry simply shrugged it off and stated that pipeline workers should have chosen a different career. How true! Maybe we can pick up a few thousands of pipeline workers and miners from Middle America, teach them how to write code, and turn them into programmers so they can write anti American propaganda online. Truly a Nobel-worthy idea! I wonder why nobody thought of it before!

John Kerry still flies a fossil fuel burning private jet.

The End of Illegal Alien Deportation

Top 10 aliens from the big screen | All media content | DW | 20.09.2019

As we all know, the Democrats – being the large-hearted people they are – want to open our country’s borders and let the whole world in so that every single person on Earth can live the American dream. As part of this noble agenda, Biden has ordered ICE to release all the illegal aliens from detention centers and to halt all deportations – including those with criminal convictions.

Now, you might think that letting thousands and thousands of illegal aliens into the country will bring down the wages of working class people and lower their quality of life. But – as our eminent journalists keep reminding us – anyone who thinks along these lines is a racist, xenophobic bigot. You’re not one, are you? So, you’d better get with the program.

Funding Abortion Worldwide

What Coronavirus Means For Your Money

We all know that the Democrats strongly believe that every woman should have the right to kill her own baby. What many people might not know, however, is the extent to which they love killing babies. Right after assuming office, Biden reversed the ban on US funding to abortion clinics all over the world – a policy decision made by the Trump administration.

As a result, the US government can now send millions to abortionists all over the world, so that women all over the world can find out what it feels like to kill unborn babies. Now, if that is not women’s empowerment, what is?

Transgendered People in Women’s Sports

Mongoose :: Why Fans Crave the Return of Sports

This, in my opinion, is the piece de resistance of Biden’s work so far. Biden has signed an executive order which allows transgender women to participate in women’s sports. In other words, biological men who ‘identify’ as women can now compete with biological women.

The order has made transgendered athletes extremely happy, as they can now legally enter into women’s sports and beat women at their own game. Checkmate feminists!

In case you are wondering how physically different trans-women are from biological women, here are some examples.

  • Here is transgendered cyclist Rachel McKinnon with female cyclists.

  • Here is transgendered track and field athlete Cece Telfer with female athletes.

  • Here is transgendered wrestler Mack Beggs with a female wrestler.

  • Here is transgendered rugby player Hannah Mouncey with female rugby players.

  • Here is transgendered weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who is currently smashing records previously held by women in weightlifting.

Doesn’t it feel great? A strapping young man can start taking hormone injections and ‘transition into a woman’ and compete with biological women. It’s not just sports. According to Biden’s executive order, transgendered persons can also share a bathroom or even a prison cell with biological women. Stories like these will probably become more common!

Are You Ridin’ with Biden Yet?

Obama and Biden
[Image via Politico]

With Biden at the helm of affairs, I truly feel that America is on the cusp of achieving greatness. It’s only been a week and already Biden has shown everyone that he means business. What will happen when the Democrats eventually invoke the 25th amendment and Kamala Harris becomes the POTUS? That’s an eventuality the world is not yet prepared for I believe. But it will happen. By that time, America will have truly been made great again.

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