Political Pumpkins: 10 Great Jack-O-Lanterns for Election Year!

It’s the best time of year to get creative and carve up some pumpkins! If you want to make a statement on your front porch, this list contains some hot topics for political pumpkins! We’ve included carvings of all difficulty levels, so no matter your skill, you can make a statement for your pumpkin.

COVID-19 Carving Ideas

These are some ideas to showcase where the global pandemic has caused the year to look different and reflect that in our pumpkins. These are all light-hearted ways to show how the world is thinking on the crisis. Whether your jack-o-lantern is sporting a mask, you showcase the healthcare heroes who are fighting on the front line, or if you want to get creative and put the virus on your front porch- SCARY, these are some great pumpkins to carve and place for your neighbors to see.

Scary thought: Parents worried COVID-19 could cancel Halloween 2020 | Entertainment | Lifestyles | SaltWire
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This little pumpkin can have the cutest eyes or a scary face. Simply adding a mask makes it a festive and related pumpkin to the season.

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If you feel like you have a little (or a lot) more skill, you can depict a representation of the virus on the pumpkin. This creates an interesting and artistic through pumpkins.

trick-or-treat - Dignity Health OPTUM360 Bill M. Lader Fa ccount Assistant
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For those that need a little humor or want to honor our healthcare heroes, having a sick pumpkin on the porch is a great way to honor them while having a little laugh.

Political Pumpkins

It’s election year! That means we’ll be seeing yard signs, creative costumes, and now you can deck your yard with some festive pumpkins to show who you are voting for this year. These are a fun way to show your support while poking fun at the other candidate.


If you want to show your support for our Commander in Chief and inspire others to get out and vote, you can create a rendition of Trump himself, the Republican party’s symbol, or even paint a red, white and blue pumpkin to show your patriotic spirit.

Photos: Political Pumpkin Carvings - The Atlantic
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6 Best Pumpkin Carvings For Conservatives - Future Female Leaders
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For those that are voting for Biden and Harris, you can display your support with a JOE pumpkin, the Democratic party symbol, or even a smile that reads “VOTE” to remind other of their responsibility at the polls.

Joe Biden, Generic Democrat - The New York Times
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I hope these gave you some great pumpkin carving ideas to support our candidates or raise awareness to the pandemic. Comment down below how you decorated for Halloween this year. Did you keep it simple and traditional? Or did you put a message on your vegetables. Comment down below!

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