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OPINION: Study Says Married White Women Are More Likely to Support Conservative Parties

Have you ever noticed that a vast majority of conservative women in the country fit a certain profile? They mostly tend to be white, attractive, married, and have children. From Sarah Palin to Kellyanne Conway, white women have been some of the biggest proponents of Christian and conservative ideals in the country.

Turns out, it is not just a coincidence. Studies show that married white women tend to be more traditional and more conservative than single white women as well as women from other ethnic groups.

Why is it so? Let us find out!

Why Married White Women Tend to Be Conservative

There are a number of reasons why married white women tend to vote for conservative political parties.

The Bond of Marriage

Studies show that conservative women tend to be very supportive of their husbands and hold the same economic, social, and political views as their husbands in most cases. Since white men in the United States mostly vote for the Republicans, their wives also vote the same way.

Not Fixated with Gender

Research shows that married white women generally do not subscribe to the theory of ‘gender linked fate’, which says that women share a linked fate and what affects one woman tends to affect all of them.

Over 80% of married white women say that they are more concerned about the future of their own family, children, and community, as opposed to the future of women in general. White women do not get fixated with their gender identity alone. They believe that they have a constructive role to play as a wife and as a mother as well.

Black and Latino women, on the other hand, strongly subscribe to the ‘gender linked fate’ theory and as a result vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats at the state level as well as federal level. This is very sad but unfortunately the Democrats sell a defeatist attitude to many minorities undermining their hopes and all the opportunities that are available to them in the greatest country in the world.

Family Values

White Christian women tend to be pro-marriage and pro-family. They believe that marriage, as God intended, is a union between a man and a woman. They also believe that children are a gift from the God himself. So, they are against licentious behavior, having children out of wedlock, and abortion.

This is why a significant percentage of white women in the country do not support late-term abortion – a sickening practice where they kill a fully grown baby after delivering it. This is also why they do not support the Democrats, who want taxpayer funded abortions for every woman in the country.

Sexual Morality

White women – especially those from evangelical households – tend to be against sexual licentiousness. They believe in the idea of sexual morality more than women from any other ethnic group – with the possible exception of Asians.

Data from the CDC shows that sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent among black and Latino women compared to white women.

  • The rate of Chlamydia among black women is five times higher than that of White women. Similarly, the rate of Chlamydia among Latin women is two times higher than that of white women.
  • The rate of gonorrhea among black women is seven times higher than that of white women. The rate of gonorrhea among Latin women is 1.5 times higher than that of white women.
  • The rate of syphilis among black women is five times higher than that of white women. The rate of syphilis among Latino women is 1.7 times higher than that of white women.

This is also one of the reasons why married white women do not support the Democrats, who wholeheartedly stand for everything that is socially and morally wrong – having indiscriminate sex, having children out of wedlock, taxpayer funded contraceptives, taxpayer funded abortions, taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgeries, and so on.


A significant percentage of married white women do not subscribe to the radical feminist theory which suggests that men are inherently evil. They empathize with men and appreciate the role they play in building and protecting the society.

Single, college-educated women, on the other hand, are radicalized by their Marxist professors and view all men as their enemies. They believe that white men are responsible for every single evil perpetrated in the country in the past couple of centuries.

The contrast can be clearly seen in the voting patterns in recent elections. 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Non-college educated white women, in particular, voted in large numbers for Trump, which is one of the reasons why he managed to sweep Middle America.

Similarly, white women voted in large numbers for Ted Cruz and rejected the America hating Beto O’Rourke. White women voted in large numbers for Roy Moore as well.

In contrast, a significant percentage of college-educated, single white women support Hillary Clinton over Trump. Similarly, 91% of black women, irrespective of their marital status, do not support Trump despite him creating so many jobs for Americans and black woman as well. Close to 70% of Hispanic women also do not support Trump and again, despite his policies being so amazing for all woman which is a stark turnaround from the Obama policies which put millions of Americans on food stamps.

What These Numbers Tell Us

Liberals know that white women are one of the major bulwarks against the total Democratization of the United States. This is why every single commercial on TV, newspapers, magazines, and the internet is focused on white women.

They want white women to abandon their family and cut off the bond they share with their community. This is why feminists are teaching young girls that it is okay to have multiple partners, it is okay to be a single mother, and it is okay to leech off the society and contribute nothing in return.

Interestingly, despite the relentless propaganda by the mainstream media, an overwhelmingly large number of men do not find feminists attractive at all. They prefer women who are graceful, feminine, and are capable of raising a family.

On the whole, the message for conservatives is quite clear. Focus on white women – especially those from a working class background – if you want to increase your influence and expand your voter base across the country. The message to white men is also quite clear. Cherish your women, for they are the future of our country!

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