Netflix Binges! Best shows and movies to binge watch on Netflix

We all love a Netflix and chill. The classic streaming service that has made headlines with their new originals and amazing collection of shows. These are some of the best that Netflix has to offer and things you have already on your list.

A Good Laugh

We can all use a good laugh, and we don’t always want to dig into a deep, dark and serious series. These are two great choices where you can follow the story and get some laughs along the way.

Dead to Me

While it begins with a heartbreaking story, Christina Applegate and her costar, Linda Cardellini, take a depressing, emotional and grief filled time of the loss of a spouse and are able to create a complex, drama filled and even hilarious adventure as they wade through the waters of grief.

When Jen loses her husband, her grief leads her to a support group where she meets her new best friend Judy. The pair embark on a journey together as they each learn to overcome their losses, secrets and laugh as their breakthroughs involve screaming to the radio in the night, finally telling off that person that drives you crazy, and even destroying your late husband’s man cave. While grief can be a hard transition that is an emotional time, this series gives  you a great watch as these women rise to the occasion.

The Wrong Missy

Drew's Reviews (at home): The Wrong Missy (2020) | WRGB

What happens when you text the wrong person? A follow-up oops? But what about when you text the wrong person and they show up- it’s a little more embarrassing. In this hilarious mix-up, David Spade texts the wrong date and it has amazingly comical results.

He begins this parody on a blind date with Melissa aka Missy. While some have amazing results, some are train wrecks that we can’t help but watch. When the night is over, he cannot escape fast enough. Afterwards, he meets the woman of his dreams, Melissa, at an airport. Feeling that instant connection, he gets her number and texts her to join him on a work retreat. Only he texts Missy and she comes. He spends the time being embarrassed, hypnotized and on a train wreck we love to watch. If you’re looking for laughs, this will have you bursting.

Deep and Dark

We all love a good crime, drama, or series that makes us dive deep into the dark world. With these series, you’ll be engaged and engulfed in the world. Whether you’re searching for a killer or surviving a war, you’ll bite your nails like I did waiting to see what happens.

Mind Hunter

Mindhunter (TV Series 2017– ) - IMDb

In the early days, killers were killers. They were viewed as solitary predators and there wasn’t research on who they were, their patterns or the repeated acts of violence. In the 1970s, the FBI began to put the pieces together and study the heinous acts and repeated offenses.

Following Holden and Bill, you’ll see where the beginnings of psychology and criminal justice began to merge. The men travel around the country to interview killers who repeated their offenses and patterns, coining them as serial killers while also educating and trying to spread the messages to departments around the country. This show will have you in horror hearing details of their acts, on the edge of your seat as they chase some of the biggest names, and see their patterns.


Extraction (2020) - IMDb

The twisted lives of drugs, mercenary and crime lords. Even incarcerated, they have a tremendous reach into their network to make things happen. In this case, kidnapping and rescue attempts.

With his father in jail, Ovi Jr sneaks away from school to visit a night club where his father’s rival kidnaps him and demands a random. Unable to pay or he would look weak, Ovi Sr hires a group of mercenaries to save his son. Double crossing them, he wants to receive his son safely and without payment to the mercenaries or the kidnappers. Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth, must save the boy, get him out of the city escape and return the boy to his family. He struggles with his own family tragedy and therefore swears he will save this boy since his son couldn’t be saved. This story will break your heart, piece it back together and keep it pumping though the action and dark twists and turns.

Horror Hits

We all love a good scare. But no one wants to watch the same old cliches, have things just jump out and not enjoy the story itself. These are three great flicks that will keep you hiding under your blanket and unable to sleep. Be warned, you may want to watch in the day or with all the lights on.

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An amazing beginning to the Insidious series. You won’t sleep at night after this, or any of the series. A father will do whatever it takes to save his son, even if it means losing himself. The series follows the family as they struggle to save themselves.

The boy is able to escape his body- via astral projection- but is haunted and prevented from returning to his body. The father must explore his own dark past to find his son, save him from the monster keeping him and return them both safely home. This is a suspenseful and terrifying experience.

Bird Box

Bird Box (2018) - Susanne Bier | Synopsis, Characteristics, Moods ...

Parents will do whatever it takes to save their children. In this world where people are killed by an unknown force, it will kill you if you see it. It takes the shape of your worst fear and forces survivors to remain in the dark.

Malorie wants to take her children to a sanctuary where they won’t live in fear. Having a close encounter in the past with the being, she wants to avoid it at all costs. She takes her children on a perilous adventure where she believes they will be safe. But they cannot remove their blindfolds for fear of seeing the killer. We see pieces of her past that lead to this drastic journey and see how the world began to decay to its current state.

The Ring

Rings (2017) - New Trailer - Paramount Pictures - YouTube
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A cult classic that is an iconic horror movie. This is the beginning of the series with the girl in the well, the girl who comes through the TV and has brought nightmares since she made her appearance. When you get the tape, you decide: watch and die or remain ignorant but alive.

After two friends watch the tape, one dies and the other is locked in a psychiatric hospital . Kate, an investigative journalist sets out with her ex-boyfriend and brother to watch the tape, study it and survive. They want to know what happened to the girls, but accidentally place themselves with a time limit to live.

Netflix Newsworthy:

These are two of the biggest hits that you’ve heard of from Netflix. These series have shown that a streaming service can also produce and create their own original content and make it big. These will have you bringing until the end and awaiting new seasons.

Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black | Official Season 7 Trailer | Netflix ...

Black fits every occasion. The power lunch. The courthouse. The press meetings. But not so much in prison. When a big league press secretary is sentenced to minimum security for things she did 10 years ago, she trades in her stylish black slacks for an orange jumpsuit.

This isn’t about her crimes though, it’s about the cast she meets while behind bars. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll want to watch every episode as the women in this facility show you how things work in their prison.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Cast And Other Details

Told from the eyes of children in 1980s, these strange events lead a town into turmoil and chaos. When a boy goes missing and a new girl with supernatural abilities appears, an investigation begins. The town’s local energy plant is revealed to be a testing site for the paranormal and alternate dimensions that opens the town up for the consequences.

When a young boy goes missing, the town is all hands on to try to find the boy. His friends look for him, the police try their best, but where could he have gone in small town Indiana? As the plot unwinds, you’ll be wondering how things could get deeper and be surprised at the levels of suspense that the tale creates.


Netflix offers so many more titles that would take your entire summer to watch. They have every type of series from dramas, romances, horror, suspense, comedy, action and more. If you’re looking for some good binges, this guide offers a great starting point to see the best that Neflix has to offer.

But, feel free to tell me if I missed your favorite. Comment down below the show that you can’t wait for the new season to come (I’m biting my nails waiting on Witcher). What’s your favorite they added? Do you love their originals? What’s your favorite to binge on?

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