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Joe Biden Looks Bad as Tara Reade’s Claims Are Corroborated

Things are not looking good for Joe Biden. He is losing brain cells by the minute, has a hard time remembering where he is or what he is supposed to say, and struggles to string together a few words that make sense. To make things worse, the allegations against him are proving to be credible, as more and more evidence is surfacing by the day.

The Accusations Against Joe Biden     

Joe Biden giving a speech at South Carolina Primary
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Last month, Tara Reade, who worked for Biden as a staff assistant in the 1990s, accused Biden of sexually assaulting her. She has also stated that Biden used to make her feel uncomfortable by being too close to her and touching her neck and shoulders inappropriately.

Anyone who watches TV on a semi-regular basis should not be surprised by these allegations. Biden is known for touching, grabbing, and hugging women inappropriately. He does not discriminate based on age, looks, or size – young or old, stunning or ugly, thin or fat – it does not matter to Biden. He is an equal opportunity offender – quite literally.

If a woman is close to him, Biden might decide to touch her, take a whiff of her hair, grab her by the waist, or hug her, depending on his mood. What is amazing is that Biden does these things in broad daylight, in public places, where there are hundreds of cameras (he’s a wackjob). Unlike Jeffrey Epstein or Harvey Weinstein, Biden does not need a private island or even a private room for that matter. When Biden decides to grab a girl by her waist, he’ll go for it, even if he is on national TV!

Even the North Korean loving Bill Clinton is envious about that!

If you think I am exaggerating, take a look at these videos – Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, and Exhibit D.

Hat tip: If someone from Trump’s campaign team is reading this, you might want to download these videos and store them safely on your private computer, as YouTube might delete them any time to protect their favorite candidate.

Why Tara Reade’s Allegations Seem Credible

Joe Biden and Tara Reade
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Tara Reade says that she told a few people in her social circle about the sexual assault by Biden. Her list of confidants includes her mother, her brother, her colleague, and her neighbor. All four of them have corroborated her claims so far.

In 1993 (long before the Patriots began undermining the credibility of football), Reade’s mother called in to Larry King Live (and we know how much Russia, China, and Iran loved that baby destroying Larry King) and asked him – without identifying herself or her daughter – about her daughter’s problems with her employer, whom she referred to as a ‘powerful senator’. Her brother has also stated that Reade confided with him about the incident at the same time.

Reade’s former colleague and her former neighbor have also stated that Reade told them about the incident in the mid-90s.

On top of it, Reade has also expressed her willingness to cooperate with any investigative reporter who doubts the credibility of her claims.

The Mainstream Media’s Coverage of Allegations against Biden      

A picture of the Mainstream Media's logos and the word UnTrustWorthy in the center.
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The most predictable aspect of the allegations against Biden is how our mainstream media have covered it so far.

From CNN to CBS, every single news channel has chosen to adopt a careful tone while discussing the allegations against Biden. They call Biden’s actions ‘inappropriate’ and talk about how he makes women feel ‘uncomfortable’.

Pretty measured, huh?

Now, think of the viciousness with which they went after Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexual misconduct by a crazy woman who could not produce a shred of evidence and could not find a single person to corroborate her story.

They kept showing Ford’s ugly mug on TV every single day and badgered us with statements of solidarity – ‘Believe all women’, ‘Say no to sexual assault’, ‘No rapists on the supreme court’, and on and on and on.

Despite a long, televised witch hunt, all they could prove was that Kavanaugh was a part of a fraternity when he was in high school and he liked to drink beer and make inappropriate jokes. A teenage boy was behaving like a teenage boy? The horror!

The same media are now treating Papa Biden with kid gloves. First, they tried to dismiss the allegations against him as hearsay. When they could no longer ignore the mounting evidence, they started talking about the credibility of Tara Reade as a person.

Isn’t it funny? When a Republican – especially a straight white man – is accused of sexual misconduct, they want to crucify him – no ifs and buts. When it happens to be a Democrat – especially someone who supports their pet causes like late-term abortion (keeping jobs overseas and making sure America is mistreated by the world) and transgender rights – they question the credibility and character of the victim.

This is not surprising, given the despicable way in which the Democrats and their friends in the left-liberal establishment have shielded predators over the years.

When Bill Clinton was accused of sexual misconduct by Monica Lewinsky, the so-called ‘feminist icon’ Gloria Steinem trashed Lewinsky’s claims and stated a harmless pass made by Clinton was being blown out of proportion by the media.

Similarly, when Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault by Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broaddrick, and countless other women, Hillary Clinton jumped into her husband’s defense, demeaned the victims by calling them ‘frauds’ and ‘bimbos’, and threatened them into silence.

The women who were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton have stated numerous times that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy their credibility by digging up dirt from their past with the help of private investigators.

After doing all this, Hillary had the gall to accuse Trump of being a womanizer.

Why do these things keep happening? It is quite simple. The mainstream media in this country – barring a few exceptions like Fox News – is firmly under the control of a cabal of elites who favor the Democratic Party. So, any accusation against a Democrat – whether it is corruption, abuse of power, sharing classified information with third parties, or sexual assault – is unlikely to be covered by the media.

It is up to the job-creating (and soon to be Chinese smashing) Republicans and their supporters to make sure that the media does not bury the story and keep reminding the common public about the ‘colorful past’ of Joe Biden.

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