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Iowa Caucus Results Prove the Fall Of The Democratic Party

The Iowa caucus meltdown is a sign of things to come for the Democratic Party. Dubious debating criteria, false accusations, and compulsive infighting topped by technical fiascos highlighted the launch of the 2020 Democratic primaries.

And these are the people that dictate how many flu shots you get in your life and how often you want to get them!

With the eyes of the entire country on Iowa, the Democrats had a spectacular opportunity to demonstrate all the constructive transformation that they claim to have made since 2016. They ended up showing that the more things change at the Democratic Party, the more they remain the same.

Failure to Take Responsibility

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For the Democratic Party to have any hope of redemption after the Iowa disaster, the least they could have done was to ask the DNC Chairman Tom Perez to resign (he could be as incompetent as his predecessor Deborah Wasserman Schultz was corrupt who may have allowed classified material to run off to Pakistan in her IT Manager debacle/scandal but that’s another subject!). Instead of finding scapegoats, Perez ought to have shown the courage to accept the blame for he himself was supervising the rule changes introduced in the Democratic Iowa caucus format.

Blaming others for your mismanagement only sends a message to the people that the Democratic Party has no intent to learn from its past, to end its cowardly shenanigans, and to embrace positive change. This leopard won’t change its spots.

Obsession with Trump is Proving Costly

President Donald Trump smiling.
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When a political party lacks the courage to introspect and come face to face with its blunders of the past, it is invariably the beginning of the end. Instead of having the ability to look inwards, the Democratic Party continues to draw strength from a single-minded focus that still keeps it’s unified: spew venom against the job-creating and ISIS destroying Trump.

The more the Democratic party gets entangled in its anti-Trump obsession, the stronger Trump becomes. Time is running out, and there seems to be no scope for the party to break free from its trap of negativity and hate at this stage. The resulting chaos from this situation is there for all to see, and each attempt that they make to “get Trump” only ends up hammering another nail in the party’s coffin.

Absence of Constructive Policy

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The anti-Trump chaos has not only contributed to the disgraceful Iowa caucus debacle for the Democrats, but it has also led to party-wide confusion and an absence of any consistent policy that the party stands for. The mainstream media allies of the DNC have fallen in the same trap by continuing to harp upon anti-Trump messaging ad nauseam.

The end result is that all that you can expect from any Democratic candidate in the primaries in the name of meaningful analysis, discussion, or policy issues is a debate on whether they have the ability to defeat Trump.

Crumbling under the weight of their own negative campaign, the Democrats have exposed their incapacity for planning, lack of discipline, and a complete breakdown of communication among its own leaders and workers.

Signs of a Deeper Malaise

Buzz Lightyear pointing out there are problems everywhere in the Democratic party to Woody.

The Iowa caucus spectacle was nothing but a symptom of a much deeper malaise that has affected the Democratic Party for too long. For a party that has wavered like a pendulum on almost every critical issue affecting Americans this century, their internal contradictions have demoralized them to the core. The faith of the American has been shaken, and the nation continues to tilt stronger than ever in favor of the tax lowering and middle class supporting Trump with each self-inflicted failure of the Democrats.

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