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Panola Watchman Writes of $9,500 Donation for Fallen Panola County Deputy

A fundraiser hosted by Shield Republic raised $9,557.49 for the family of the late Panola County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chris Dickerson.

Dickerson was shot and killed in the line of duty on Dec. 31.

Shield Republic is an American lifestyle brand based outside Raleigh, North Carolina that was founded in 2016. The company’s charities program launched its “Hold the Line” fundraiser after Dickerson’s death, selling commemorative apparel in his memory.

“Our Hold the Line campaign to honor Officer Dickerson is one of our most successful fundraisers to date,” said Charlie Romero, spokesperson for Shield Republic. “We hope that his colleagues and family are able to take comfort in the way the Shield Republic community showed this outpouring of love for such a fantastic human being, who sacrificed his life to heed his calling to serve and protect.”

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Thin Blue Line Chris Dickerson Donation

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