Impact of the Space Force

A lot of media has come out since the reveal of the Space Force logo talking about how dumb the symbol is and how it looks just like the Star Trek logo, I agree with the basic sentiment of how it looks similar, but it’s also super cool.

Star Trek logo and the Space Force logo.
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Since the announcement back in June of 2018, people have been joking about how ridiculous it is that America began the discussion of a Space Force, much less that they are the first country to act on it.

This isn’t true though.

Russia started militarizing space operations during the Cold War and China is not far behind. China even landed a probe on the dark side of the moon in January of 2019.

That means, the Space Force is America finally announcing that they are designating an entire branch of the military to astrological militarized development to further our spot as the number one world superpower.

With the looming election in 2020 and the Democratic party becoming more radicalized, it was extremely important for President Trump to sign into existence the National Defense Authorization Act this past December.

This makes the Space Force, a direct subsidiary of the Air Force in the same way the Marines are related to the Nave, the first military branch to be created since the Air Force’s inception in 1947.

The new military branch is expected to cost roughly $2 billion over the course of the next 5 years, needing about 16,000 personnel to establish it as a true force.

The declaration is more of a rebranding and expanding than anything though. The USSF was previously just a part of the Air Force Space Command and is now being recognized for its importance. The government is just now recognizing the potential innovation from establishing the Space Force as its own branch.

Military Innovations

A drone offered on
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Innovation is the product of necessity.

Every single invention that has become worldwide was created out of necessity. The most lasting have come from military needs.

The military is responsible for some fantastic inventions. Without having a military, there wouldn’t be computers. And without computers, no Facebook. Without Facebook, no memes. A tragedy nobody wants to think about.

Its true computers were a natural development from the light bulb, but it wasn’t until WWII that a computer in the most modern sense was created. During the Great War, U.S. scientists developed a computer to decipher a secret Nazi message. It was used by the military for years before being shrunk to a handheld device known as the iPhone.

This holds true for a lot of inventions: GPS, duct tape, wristwatches, canned foods, and even the Internet started as a way of connecting computers across the world for military benefit.

The military has been responsible for major innovations for as long as time has existed. The Native Americans were bested by the English with guns. Before that, spears and swords were bested by bows and arrows.

Now, we use most original Military inventions as toys. The most obvious example is the drone. What was created as a remote-controlled bomb, is now used by videographers and children trying to explore their backyard.

This is why it is so exciting for the Space Force to be officially established.

Not only will the establishment of a new military branch mean that new innovations will be made to the United States military strength, but it also means that the general public will reap the benefits of new inventions.

Those new inventions will start out extremely expensive, which is why the military will find a way to make them cheaper. Once they become cheaper, a new model will be adapted for the use of the general public.

It will then be expensive for the public at first. Over time, the wealthy will all acquire the item and a cheaper version will become available. The product will then be more affordable.

And that is how a free market economy makes sense.

But seriously, all the innovations that come from the Space Force will eventually become used in everyday life. That’s how most inventions come to be in the general public.

What to Expect from the Space Force

The expected uniform versus what is the real uniform for the Space Force
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The invention of a new branch of the military will naturally lead to a lot of questions: Where will the Space Force be based? What happened to the people of the Air Force Space Command? What is the freaking point of a Space Force?

Let’s do this one at a time.

The Space Force is a recognized branch of the military and will be housed in the Pentagon just like all the others.

The first official base of the Space Force is the taking over of Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. It will be initially staffed by the former staff of the Air Force Space Command.

Regarding those that were in the Air Force Space Command, every position is being determined to see where it falls more in line, the Air Force or the Space Force. Once determined, they will be assigned to their new position in their respective branch.

The most common question is what the Space Force will do, which has kind of been answered, but to be more explicit, the Space Force is designed to help establish a defense of the nation from space attacks.

This includes satellites, international space command, GPS, potential space movement from foreign enemies since China and Russia are known to have prominent space programs currently underway.

The space force will sound like a joke until it shows its worth. That’s the sad truth.

A good way to look at the value is that it is on the breaking edge of science and space contingencies.

The Walt Disney Company is known to have brought in Ray Bradbury for his science fiction expertise to help come up with potential ideas for the company’s Imagineers to build.

Now, imagine that but on a military budget and scale.

The possibilities are virtually limitless.

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