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How to Solve Race Relations pt. 2

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First and foremost, we as a nation need to understand that holding a group of people responsible for the actions of their ancestors is morally and ethically wrong.

The current generation of white people cannot and should not be held accountable for what their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Not a single white person in the country today held slaves at any point in their life. Not a single white person in the country today supports Jim Crow laws (well except Joe Biden, perhaps the Clintons, and several other Democrats). Not a single white person in the country today believes that ethnic and racial minorities should be treated differently due to their skin color, race, or ethnicity.

Yet we are being told every day that white people must repent and make amends for the ‘original sin of slavery’. We are reminded that every white person – irrespective of their background – is ‘privileged’ and they must acknowledge it and take action to check their privilege. We are accused of denying minorities their rightful share of the nation’s resources.

This kind of discourse, needless to say, cannot and will not improve the relations between white people and people of color. If anything, it will divide us further and make it impossible for us to coexist with each other.

Let us, for a moment, assume that the Bolsheviks who are calling for the end of ‘white power structure’ achieve their goals, which include:

  • Fewer white people in positions of power
  • A nationwide ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ to address the injustices meted out to minorities over the last 200 years
  • Reparations for people of color
  • Free education, housing, and healthcare for people of color
  • Canceling the debts owed by people of color
  • Abolishing police forces
  • Retroactive decriminalization of prostitution and drug-related offenses committed by people of color
  • The destruction of the nuclear family setup
  • A racially focused tax plan to increase the wealth of households of color

Will any of the aforementioned demands – if met – improve race relations in our country? The short answer is – no.

On the contrary, it will end up creating a class of resentful white people who will feel wronged by the system. In other words, instead of mending and improving race relations, we will simply end up reversing the roles. People of color will become the dominant majority who can restructure the system to suit their needs and white people will become the victimized minority. Is this the kind of country do we want our children to live in?

Collective Guilt – A Concept That Needs To Go

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There can be no greater injustice than collectively accusing an entire group of people of crimes that none of them committed. The idea of ‘collective guilt’ or ‘collective shame’ is a ploy used by Marxists and Bolsheviks who love to play identity politics.

The concept of collective crime is extremely dangerous for several reasons.

  • It induces a sense of guilt in the majority community and makes them feel ashamed of who they are.
  • It prevents the majority community from improving their relations with ethnic and racial minorities. After all, if you are going to be called a racist no matter what you do, why would you bother to improve your relations with other groups of people?
  • It forces ethnic and racial minorities to always view themselves as victims who are wronged by an unjust system. It forces them to pin all their shortcomings on the system so that they do not take any responsibility for their choices or actions.

Forging an American Identity – The Need of the Hour

As of now, the United States is the most diverse it has ever been in its entire existence. If we keep playing identity politics, our country might fragment along racial and ethnic lines in the coming decades. It is not something we can afford to let happen. We literally fought a civil war, in which we sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives, to prevent the dissolution of the American union. So, as of this moment, our collective goal as a country should be to forge an American identity that subsumes all other identities – including racial, ethnic, religious, and political identities.

Every person living in this country must be made to understand that it is the freest country in the world. No other country – certainly not the countries that many of these ethnic minorities come from – gives you the freedom to say what you want and the right to protect your life and property with force.

Our politicians – especially at the state level – must end the practice of applying laws selectively. You cannot let one group of people riot on the streets and arrest another group of people for merely wanting to open their business. You cannot allow one group of people to make disgusting comments about our country and Founding Fathers and punish another group of people if they so much as utter a word against the ‘oppressed minorities’.

The business class in this country – especially the mega-corporations – must stop incentivizing anti-American behavior while dutifully toeing the line of brutal authoritarian regimes like China.

The entertainment industry must stop virtue-signaling about ‘systemic racism’ and ‘structural change’, as they have no clue what they are talking about. They live in gated mansions, have private security, and hardly mingle with the common public. They literally have no idea what it means to be a common man or a woman in this country.

Above all, we – as the citizens of this great country – need to make a conscious decision not to place our ethnic, racial, religious, or political identity over our national identity. The petty infighting and the racial tensions have brought us nothing but misery. 50 years ago, we put a man on the moon. Now, we are fighting over the rights of biological men to use ladies’ toilets (JFK put a man on the moon – Obama put a man in the ladies’ room). This isn’t progress. We have actually regressed.

If we work together, we can colonize Mars. We are destined for great things. Let us put our differences behind us, join hands, and work to make America great again and overcome the Chinese virus which was unleashed onto the world by Hunter Biden’s Chinese communist friends which are also allies of the Democrats.

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