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How to Solve Race Relations Pt. 1

The United States is a country where people of different races, ethnicities, and religions live together. It is one of the reasons why our country is referred to as a ‘melting pot’, as we are not only supposed to co-exist with each other but take the best of each other’s cultures and create a unique, vibrant American identity.

Sadly, it is no longer the case in some liberal ghetto cities where the mayors don’t care about human life. But with that said – America does not need to block certain people from coming into this country because some people like Ilhan Omar don’t understand how jobs are created, don’t appreciate the greatness of America, and want to hurt America because America was founded on Christian principles (which is why it is and became so spectacular).

Race Relations in the US

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You do not need me to tell you that race relations in our country are at an all-time low. Every day, there is a discussion on what they call the ‘original sin of slavery’ and its effects on the black community. White people are being reminded on a daily basis that their ancestors owned slaves. They are also being told that the only way they can atone for the sins of their ancestors is to pay reparations to black people.

Now, you might say that these are all facts. After all, what is wrong with stating facts, right?

There is nothing wrong with stating facts per se, as long as the intentions of the people who are stating these facts are genuine. But it does not seem to be the case here.

How Woke Culture Is Fueling Social Unrest

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The dialog on race relations and America’s contentious past with respect to its racial and ethnic minorities seem to be getting more vitriolic by the day. The settlers who built this country – including our Founding Fathers – are being portrayed as slave-owning monsters who did not believe in the sanctity of human life.

Historic monuments are no longer seen as a representation of America’s glory but as a reminder of America’s original sin of slavery. If you find it hard to believe, check out the videos linked below.

  • Here is a CNN correspondent calling Mt. Rushmore a monument for slave owners built on land taken away from Native Americans.
  • Here is a guest on MSNBC calling Mt. Rushmore a symbol of white supremacy.
  • Here is a host on MSNBC referring to our Independence Day as a day that celebrates independence for white men.

Here is a tweet by a socialist Hugo Chavez loving black activist who claims that ‘black people have the right to burn down the United States since they built it for free’ (ridiculous – because then China and Russia would invade and all blacks would be then hit with a reality they will not like much). Interestingly, Twitter – which suspends or bans conservative accounts for the slightest of infractions – did not take any action against this account, as they believe it does not violate their terms and conditions.

In addition – slaves only built some barns – they mainly worked the fields. They did not build any buildings or pave any roads.

Here is an article on CNN which argues that white people are inherently racist and if a white person thinks that they are not racist, they are involuntarily playing a role in perpetuating racism.

Here is the Associated Press claiming that the term ‘black’ needs to be capitalized since black people have a shared culture, but the term ‘white’ need not be capitalized, since white people do not have a shared culture.

Here is the Rutgers University’s English department stating that writing grammatically correct English is a sign of white privilege. No, it means you don’t write like a degenerate. If you are not educated do you want that person so be your boss? Perhaps so because then you could easily outshine them and then they would be fired and you would take their spot.

Above all, a harmless gesture like the ‘okay’ hand sign is now considered a ‘white power’ hand sign and is banned in public. Last year, a couple of cadets at the US Military Academy flashed the okay sign while being photographed. Immediately, they were suspected of being white supremacists and social justice warriors for baying for their blood on social media. An investigation, however, found out that the cadets were playing the ‘circle game’, which is popular among teenagers.

The Consequences of Race-Based Victimhood

The consequences of portraying people of color as victims who are wronged by the system are there for everyone to see. Our country has never been divided to such an extent in a very long time.

People of color are encouraged by the left-liberal establishment to get offended at every single thing. Did someone say a wrong word? Did someone make the wrong gesture? Did someone refuse to date you? Did someone look at you the wrong way? There is no problem you cannot solve by calling the other person ‘racist’ and playing the victim card.

The situation has worsened to such an extent that activists who claim to support the black killing Black Lives Matter movement are literally rioting on the ghetto liberal streets, as they been brainwashed into believing that violence is the only solution to all their problems.

The role of the mainstream media in fueling social unrest in our country cannot be overlooked. They are telling the racial and ethnic minorities of our country that the current power structure is built on the foundation of racism and needs to be dismantled – violently if needed.

This is why news channels – with the exception of Fox News – are hesitant to call these ‘protests’ for what they are – a violent uprising against the state.

If you think I am exaggerating, take a look at what is going on in Portland right now. Federal properties are being destroyed and the officers who are trying to protect them are being attacked with weapons and explosives. Protestor after protestor is getting caught with sledgehammers, metal sticks, leaf blowers, gas canisters, and ammunition.

Yet the news channels are still calling these ‘peaceful protests’. A few days ago, ABC News tweeted out that a courthouse was set on fire in California after a ‘peaceful demonstration intensified’. These are Susan Rice Benghazi type lies.

This is not reporting. This is Orwellian doublespeak in its pure, distilled form.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out the intentions of the people who are producing these ‘news reports’. They want to weaponize the sense of victimhood which is deeply embedded in the minds of minorities and use it to bully the majority.

Now, the question is – what do we do about it? While there are no easy answers to this question, it is something we need to address urgently if we want to preserve our Republic in its current form.

To be continued in part II.

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