How to Make the Perfect Southwest Breakfast Sandwich

Millennials have changed the game. People are skipping breakfast nowadays for a weird hybrid they call “brunch.”

I just prefer actual breakfast. 

I’m not opposed to brunch, I’m always in support of meals that offer more breakfast foods. I just like to wake up early and get my day started with breakfast. 

Honestly, it really helps to establish the day. I mean it sets a strong precedent for how I will go about the rest of the day. I get the joy of completing a task, the accomplishment of creating something, and, arguably the most important factor, it fills the belly.

I feel I perfected the breakfast sandwich recently.

It’s the perfect mixture of healthy and satisfying for even the most dedicated of truckers. 

The sandwich in question, for those health nuts out there, has 31 grams of protein, 32 grams of carbs, and is only 549 calories.


2 slices of sourdough bread

3 extra large eggs

1 slice of colby cheese

2 tablespoons of guacamole

2 tablespoons of salsa

Nonstick spray (I used avocado oil)

Step 1


Get a pan warming and spray with a nonstick spray, such as avocado oil or olive oil. If you’re feeling up to it, use butter, but it would probably alter the macro nutrients if you do that.

Throw the sourdough bread on the pan to get  a nice little toasted outside. Flip the bread when it hits the desired level of toast you want. 

Put the toast on a plate and put it to the side for when the rest is done.

Step 2


This is where I get a little crazy.

The ingredients list calls for 3 eggs. Only cook 2 right now. 

Pan fry 2 eggs to whatever level you want. I like my yolk to be sealed, but when I put pressure it pops and is amazing. 

My wife likes the yolk to be popped while cooking so it’s done all the way through.

Once you get the eggs cooked, put them on the slice of toast you want to be the bottom.

Step 3


Quick and easy, step 3 is.

I embraced my inner Yoda on the wording there, but it doesn’t change the fact this is an easy step. Put the colby cheese, or whatever cheese you really want to use I guess, on top of the two eggs. It may start getting a little melty now, but not too much.

Step 4


Pan fry the last egg by itself.

When it’s cooked to the desired level of done-ness, put on the cheese quickly. This helps the cheese melt and hold everything together.

Step 5


The last thing you have to do is apply the condiments. 

Spread the guacamole on the naked piece of toast that has just been sitting there by itself.

Put the salsa on the single egg. 

Step 6


Last step, slap those two halves together. 

In my case, make sure you pop the yolk for that delicious gold inside.

Then you can start snapping pictures like a hipster and putting them all over you preferred social media. If you’re feeling really frisky, put them on MySpace like a real hipster.

Second option is to just eat the sandwich and have the best freaking breakfast ever. Either way, you made the right choice.

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Optional Changes

Just like with any recipe, you can change a few things.

I know some people don’t like guacamole. They’re insane, but it still happens. You can not add it if you want.

You can throw bacon on there if you like. I don’t think it fits a Southwest breakfast sandwich, and (crucify me if you must) I’m not a huge fan of bacon myself.

Change the type of cheese. I like colby cheese, and that’s what I had on hand this time. But it’s not difficult to switch it out for something else. May I suggest pepperjack for a bit more spice.

The kind of bread you use is an easy switch. I like sourdough because I’m a health and fitness nut, and it’s touted as being the healthiest of breads. You can use whatever you want here. I know some people suffer from being gluten intolerant, and others just pretend like they have that as an illness. Either way, you can use a gluten free bread if you need/want to.

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