How to Have a Safe Halloween

This year, things look a little different. We’re all wearing masks of different kinds, worried about leaving our homes, and a lot of the spooky cheer has left the season. While it may look differently for us adults, the kids have no idea. This guide will help tell you how to bring some normalcy back to the Halloween season so that you can enjoy it and show the kids the best Halloween while staying safe.

Pumpkin Patches

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While many businesses are still closed or operating at a reduced capacity, pumpkin patches are a staple for the season. These farms depend on this time of year to help their own families get through the winter seasons while also offering a great activity for families. These are outdoor events where there is plenty of space to spread out and be in the open air. This means you do need to wear your mask and social distance, but there is plenty of space to do so while you are enjoying the festivities. These farms often have other activities set up for kids and are a great family outing or date day.


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It’s starting to get colder out, which means that it’s a great opportunity to have a nice bonfire, cozy up, and even tell a few ghost stories. While these are usually saved for camping, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy one now. Maybe spook the kids with a version of Friday the 13th or scare your date with local legends and hauntings. Spending a night outside under the stars with a fire is a great way to enjoy the spooky season.

Apple Orchards

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Not everyone is a big fan of pumpkins, myself included. While I can stand the pie with enough whipped cream, an apple orchard is the preferred place for me. These orchards are hosting events where you can bring your family, pick some fresh fruit, have a cup of cider or apple wine, and enjoy a day outside. They offer a great retreat to get some fresh fruit, get outside and have a fun adventure. Like the patches, these events are outdoors and spaced out so there is less to fear of an exposure in the open air. They offer a safe and fun activity for families to enjoy the season.

Trunk or Treats

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The kiddos may miss going door to door depending on where you live. The idea of picking out the costume, getting dressed up, and walking through the neighborhood may not be the best best this year, but there are safer alternatives. Many churches, YMCAs, neighborhoods and schools have set up drive thru trunk or treats where kids can get dressed up and go from car to car collecting the candies. These are some great options to score some candy and have a sense of trick or treating while staying safe and minimize exposure.

Haunted Houses

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While some haunted houses have closed because of the exposure, others are still up and running. Some areas are offering haunted hay rides or even haunted car washes where you can ride through the scares while keeping to yourself. You can get all the jumps, scares, and screams out of the way without risking your family being exposed by an outing. Different locations have many types of drive through and haunted opportunities for you to take advantage of for the time of the season. Depending on where you live, you may even have real haunted sites and ghost tours available near you. Nothing says Halloween more than a ghost hunt.

Corn Mazes

31 Best Corn Mazes Near Me - Best Haunted and Family-Friendly Corn Mazes in America
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Corn mazes are a fall favorite. The outdoor events let you and your family or date adventure through the crop field in elaborate designs to find your way out. Some offer riddles to help guide you along the path while others leave you to fend for yourself. You can spend a few hours wandering through the vast fields and hoping to see the exit or even visit a “haunted” maze where the occupants will make sure to come after you and give you the creeps.

Safe Trick or Treating

If you are going out for a trick or treat session, following the CDC guidelines will still help you to enjoy the night safely. Wearing a mask in groups, even a festive one, trying to distance, and ensuring that you can practice good hygiene are great ways to still go out like normal while reducing your risks. While many areas have cancelled the festivities, some have not and allowing families to go out. While this is a hot topic for debate right now, if you go out remember to be safe.

While there are many new changes to Halloween this year, there are still chances to enjoy the season and enjoy the spooky season. No matter which of these you do, or other fun and scary activities, there are opportunities to go out, keep safe and healthy while having a great time. Are any of these on your fall list? Do you have a tradition that you adjusted for the season? Comment down below how your family is having a blast this Halloween in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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