How to Get your Conceal Carry License

Since the recent success of the hero Jack Wilson (he used a Sig Sauer P229 like in the featured image) taking down the bad guy with the gun in White Settlement, Texas, people have been wanting to get their own conceal carry license.

At Shield Republic, we are proud backers of the second amendment, so we decided to try and help you out in exercising your right.

Conceal Carry Terms

With any topic there is going to be jargon thrown around. If this topic is new to you, you won’t understand it right off the bat.

Here’s a list of the most common terms that are thrown around when discussing conceal carry.

  • CCW – Conceal Carry Weapon
  • CCP – Conceal Carry Pistol
  • CCP – Conceal Carry Permit
  • CCL – Conceal Carry License
  • CPL – Conceal Pistol License
  • CHP – Conceal Handgun Permit
  • CHL – Conceal Handgun License
  • CWP – Conceal Weapon Permit
  • LTC – License to Carry
  • LTCF – License to Carry Firearm

These all mean the same thing, but when it comes to the legalese, they vary.

Other Important Terms:

  • Shall Issue – A state with this stance will for sure give a license if you meet all the requirements.
  • May Issue – A state with this stance only give a license if specific circumstances meet what a judge deems a need. This means even if you meet all the requirements, a judge may rule it unnecessary to issue the license.
  • Right Denied – This is unconstitutional, but there are two areas in the United States that this is the case: American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands. The only reason the “right denied” status is allowed is because they’re not states in the United States and have different laws.

State Variances

The second amendment is currently a state right; therefore, the states will have variances in their actual laws.

This is why people always talk about how strict California is on gun laws and how lenient Florida is.

Constitutional Carry laws will also affect how states issue licenses.

My favorite resource to get started is It has an interactive map that will break down each state’s laws on carrying and getting a permit.

When getting a license, double check with your state’s requirements before going through the application. The site cited earlier is not where you apply for the license.

Last Step

The last step comes after you receive your license.

You may be legally allowed to carry now, but you must remain trained.

Go to the range regularly. Practice your aim. Most importantly, after double checking with the range that you’re allowed to conceal your firearm, practice starting with the gun concealed. Start as though you were just hanging out talking and something goes down. You want to be able to draw quickly and put down the target.

There are classes for this as well. Some gun ranges will offer discounts.

My local gun range offers a “ladies’ night” on Wednesdays where women get a 20% discount on range fees.

It makes a fun date night with your significant other, or just a great night out with the boys.

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