Got the Quarantine Blues?

Things to do to beat the Quarantine Blues!

With the craziness that has become 2020, many are forced while others are highly encouraged to distance themselves and their families from the outside world to help stop the spread of illness.

I wish this was more popular, not only for COVID-19 but during flu season as well… The reason for this process is to limit exposure from other people and prevent the virus from being spread around. Even if you are not a high-risk individual: elderly, have a medical history, young or pregnant, staying inside is how you protect yourself AND the people you know and love in those populations. This is what makes the quarantine so critically important.

But being in quarantine doesn’t have to be boring, locked inside a prison. There are SO MANY things that you can do for yourself and your family to keep you sane and happy during the times.

Disney Land


With the real deal closed for the first time since 9/11, the park has made many of their ride virtual attractions! This means you can take your phone or tablet and go on the rides from the comfort of your couch. For the little ones, I piled my daughter in a clothes hamper and shook the cart while she barreled down the rides’ tracks. It was the most fun we had all week.

Here is a link to some virtual rides:

white and black VR Box headset on green grass field

2. Other Virtual Tours

Many museums across the world have made their art and exhibits accessible to everyone. You can see Paris, London, Germany, and many in the USA. You can learn about history, see artwork that is once in a lifetime and expand your horizons through an online experience in your PJs. In addition to museums, there are also Zoos, Aquariums, and other theme parks that you can spend a day exploring.

Here’s a link to see the world without leaving the couch:

black framed eyeglasses on book page

3. Take a Nap or Read

You work hard all the time. You deserve a break. Set up a hammock in your yard, curl up on the couch with a good book or simply veg out in bed. This is a great chance to catch up on some sleep or read some of the books collecting dust on your shelf. There are also e-books for free from your local library, Amazon or other host sites.

assorted-color paints and paintbrushes on white tarp

4. Paint Nite

Paint Nite has begun to do virtual painting events. You can join in on video and have your friends call in as well. You’ll have all the joy of painting, drinking, and company while alone in your house not getting sick.

5. Zoom fun

If you want to watch a movie, do some karaoke, lay a board/online game or even have an informal shooting competition from your home, set up your phone and be ready to have a blast with all your other friends while not spreading the illness.

person walking facing backwards

6. Take a Walk or Hike

It is encouraged to stay inside, but the most important thing is to keep away from people. If you want to hit a trail or take a stroll, you’re not hurting anyone. While you shouldn’t be visiting door to door or taking all your friends with you, it is possible and safe to leave the house when you avoid other people.

black rotary dial phone on white surface

7. Catch Up with your Family

Keep in touch with your family, take the time the call your parents, brothers, sisters, and any family you have. If you want to go the extra mile, do a grocery run for elderly family members and leave it on their doorstep. If you feel the need to go out or need something, you can save them exposure and help prevent more people from going out.

person holding game controller in-front of television

8. Game to Your Heart’s Content

For myself and other gamers out there, this has been a great time to put on my headset and join a squad to go at it. Without having to leave home, I’ve improved my stats, had a few laughs and been able to relax without being bored. Many platforms are available for free, whether it’s your phone, tablet, PS4, Xbox, or computer, we can all band together and beat the boredom.

These are just some of the things I’ve done in the past week to ward off boredom. I’ve gotten caught up on games, books, work, and even some sleep. Tell me down below, how are you staying entertained without leaving home? Do you have any go-to or long-awaited tasks you’ve accomplished? Comment below and stay safe out there!

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