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“He’s a hero!” Good Guy With Gun Saves Churchgoers

It’s going viral on social media, but most mainstream medias are choosing to ignore the positive power of the concealed carry permit.

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The most recent incident of a successful conceal carry story happened at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas.

A man, who has been identified as Keith Thomas Kinumen, reportedly wore a fake beard and a large coat to conceal a shotgun. During a live stream of communion, Kinumen shot 2 men. 1 proved to be fatal.

The former owner of On Target Firearms, Jack Wilson, let training take over and reacted by standing up and firing a single round into Kinumen’s skull as he headed toward the front of the church, with the assumed intentions of opening fire on the church that was filled to capacity.

Wilson, 71, is currently running for county commissioner on the platform of restoring conservative values and protecting our rights, such as the second amendment right. When asked by Fox 4 News, Wilson said, “I don’t feel like I killed an individual. I killed evil.”

good guy with gun church of christ shooting texas good guy with gun church of christ shooting

Tony Wallace a Registered Nurse is one of the parishioners who was gunned down yesterday morning.

Anton Tony Wallace RN church of christ shooting victim

The gunman is assumed to be offended by people exercising their first amendment right to freedom of religion and free speech, was brought down, justly, by the exercising of the second amendment right.

This would not have been legal if it had occurred a few months prior because a law enacted in September of 2019 made it legal for concealed carry permit holders to carry in churches unless otherwise posted.

The video, which continually gets taken down by social media outlets, shows the whole event taking less than 6 seconds.


Jack Wilson Christ Church Hero

The city of Fort Worth proudly boasts a remarkably quick emergency response time of just over 5 minutes.

I’m no math genius, but last I checked that is still longer than 6 seconds. Who knows the amount of damage that could have been done had nobody responded to the shooter as quickly as Mr. Wilson did?

While our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims of the shooting, we would like to send our thanks to Jack Wilson as well for standing up for those in need and facing fear in the face and not backing down.

Church of Christ Shooting

Caution: Graphic video shows graphic moments of an active shooter situation.


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This is an instance of the good guy with the gun taking down the bad guy with the gun.

It’s an unfortunate truth that there are bad guys out there. Here are 5 other instances of the good guy with the gun coming out on top. Maybe there would be more if the media didn’t post such bias content and ignore things that go against their liberal narrative.

  1. Chicago Tribune notes the bias of the media and lack of political narrative pursuing cases of conceal carrier success in this article. They discuss about 12 different stories about the good guys with the guns coming out on top.
  2. NewsMax shares a story about a double good guy that is trying to help people mentally as a psychiatrist, who also had to stand up for his fellow man and bring down an armed patient in 2014. The armed patient ignored multiple signs that said no guns were allowed. These signs proved to not be as effective in deterring the shooter, but the good guy with the gun was extremely effective.
  3. Pennsylvania Rep. Marty Flynn, a Democrat, exercised his second amendment right and was able to protect himself and a fellow legislator when the 2 were confronted by 4 would be robbers. Only one of the robbers appears to have been armed, but Flynn opened fire in defense and was able to scar off the robbers.
  4. NewsMax cites not 1…not 2…but 12 instances of successful conceal carry situations. Not all of these instances resulted in nobody getting injured, but it was a huge prevention of potential mass shootings.
  5. The Firearm Owners Against Crime website, based out of Pennsylvania, is updated almost daily with events of the good guys with the guns beating the bad guys with the gun.

It’s important to remember that when we say “successful” concealed carry stories, it does not mean that nobody got hurt. The ideal is that nobody got hurt, of course, but it is much more likely that the bad guy with a gun did something bad, such as shooting someone, which sparked the good guy with the gun to notice the situation and react appropriately. It is always an instance of there being less injures than the potential injures desired by the bad guy.

I would also like to point out how ineffective it is to make more laws to prevent the bad guys from getting guns. The increase of laws against something just strengthen the bad guys doing business on the black market.

One such example is prohibition. By making alcohol illegal, more people drank illegally. Another example is marijuana. When it is illegal, it’s more dangerous and less regulated, resulting in a more tainted product that ultimately ends with people getting hurt or potentially killed. When legalized, it is able to be monitored and makes the product less dangerous.

As I said earlier, you need to always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. It is our right at citizens of the United States of America to keep and bear arms. That can be translated to own and carry weapons. But more importantly, if you choose to exercise this right, then it is your duty to learn how to use the firearm as safely as possible.


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