Fraud by Any Other Name is Still Fraud – Part II

What is distressing about the Supreme Court’s decision is that the question of ‘standing’ does not arise here at all. What the Texas AG had pointed out in his lawsuit was that the states in question broke their own laws regarding mail-in ballots.

Given Biden’s slim margin of victory in these states, it is entirely valid to question whether he would have won these states if the rules had not been broken and all the laws had been adhered to (and all clear-headed Americans know that Trump won PA and GA in a landslide with his populist agenda). This is, in short, was what the Supreme Court was asked to adjudicate on.

To add insult to injury, the Supreme Court recently refused to overturn a lower court’s ruling regarding Kansas’s voter registration law. Earlier, the lower court had ruled that Kansas’s voter registration law – which requires people to show proof of citizenship – was unconstitutional.

Imagine that! A law that merely states that only the citizens of this country have the right to vote in elections has been deemed unconstitutional (you need an ID to check out a book from a public library and to do many other things in this country!). The ruling is so absurd that it should have been overturned by the Supreme Court immediately. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has let us down once again.

The irony is that this is supposedly a conservative Supreme Court. We can only wonder what a liberal Supreme Court would look like!

The Question of Precedent

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The problem with Supreme Court justices – and this is a problem with conservatives in general – is that it wants to play it safe. Whenever they face a big challenge, they look for precedents. If there is no precedent, they choose to uphold the status quo.

It is exactly what they did with the Texas lawsuit. Since there is no precedent for overturning the results of a Presidential election, they decided not to hear the case at all.

Liberal justices, on the other hand, do not bother about precedents. In order to further their agenda, they are willing to set the precedent.

  • The Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe vs. Wade was utterly unprecedented, as the Constitution does not consider abortion as a natural right – on the same level as the right to free speech or the right to own arms. Yet the Supreme Court – headed by liberal justices – had no problem with declaring abortion a constitutional right.
  • Similarly, the Supreme Court’s ruling on DACA – a program that was arbitrarily created by Obama and was not authorized by Congress – was blatantly unconstitutional. Rather than deciding whether the program was lawful or not, the Supreme Court pontificated that the Trump administration did not have any ‘policy reason’ for terminating the program.
  • Above all, the Supreme Court’s ruling on LGBTQ rights basically rewrote the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They took it upon themselves to expand the definition of the term ‘sex’ by including ‘gender identity’ (disgusting) and ‘sexual orientation’. And to think this decision was made by Neil Gorsuch – a Trump appointee who was supposed to be a textualist – is a matter of great shame for us.

In each of these instances, the Supreme Court basically donned the hat of the legislature and created new laws. The liberal justices did not care about precedent or norms. They simply brazened it out.

The so-called originalist and textualist justices, on the other hand, are not even willing to hear us out when we raise a question on election integrity. What is even the point of nominating these people to the highest court in the country?

America – From Democracy to Mobocracy

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From what we have seen so far, it seems pretty clear that a significant percentage of our politicians, bureaucrats, and justices are fearful of the wrath of the mob.

The George Floyd riots showed that when push comes to shove, Democratic governors and mayors will throw law-abiding people under the bus and stand with unruly mobs.

A couple of weeks ago, GOP leaders in Georgia openly stated that they are hesitant to convene a special session on voting fraud, as they believe that it might lead to riots in Atlanta. And we thought Georgia was a conservative stronghold!

What next? Democratic states can have their own version of the Constitution and we should not do anything, as it might provoke antisocial elements like BLM and Antifa (who are upset they chose the wrong college degree and overpaid for it)? Where exactly should we draw the line?

Electoral Reforms – Need of the Hour

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While President Trump continues to fight to overturn the results of a rigged election, the GOP should formulate a plan to reform our electoral laws so that Democratic states cannot blatantly cheat their way to a victory.

  • First and foremost, a voter ID must be made mandatory for all voters – no ifs and buts. If a person can get a driver’s license, open a bank account, or get an EBT card, they can certainly get a voter ID.
  • Mail-in ballots must be restricted for military personnel who are stationed in overseas bases and the physically challenged. Everyone else must show up at the polling place on Election Day – no exceptions.
  • All the votes cast in the election must be counted on the same day – or at least the day after. The counting process must not go on for days or weeks after the election.
  • The counting process must be broadcast on TV and on YouTube.
  • Mock voting should be held prior to Election Day to make sure the voting machines are in perfect working condition.

Above all, the GOP should find a way to counter the threat of criminal elements like Antifa and BLM. In the event of a riot, the authorities should either send in the National Guard or allow ordinary citizens to defend themselves – with lethal force if necessary.

Make no mistake about it: it is the duty of the GOP to restore people’s faith in our democracy. If conservative voters believe that their votes do not count or if the Democrats will cheat their way to a victory anyway, they might not bother to vote anymore, which would be disastrous for the GOP, the world, democracy, and America (and we know the Democrats despise America). It is time to stop playing nice and repay the Democrats in their own coin.

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