Family Fun Winter Activities!

Enjoying the Cold or Not, We have some great ideas for you!

Whether you are a winter weather loving or counting down the days until summertime, these family friendly activities will be great ways to spend your weekend!

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1. Ice Skating

Whether you are a graceful swan, or more like the rest of us and struggle with walking…. this is a great way to pass a day! With casual indoor and outdoor rinks, you could not go wrong by passing the day gliding or falling on the ice. Many rinks include walkers to assist with the less than elegant and children to help you glide with your friends and family. Be sure to get a hot coco at concessions while you’re there too!

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2. Sledding

For the kids and those young at heart, no one should pass up on the opportunity to go sledding. Whether you do this traditionally in the snow all bundled up carrying a sled or for those of you where it doesn’t get cold enough for snow make your own giant water slide hill on a tube, everyone should indulge on each opportunity to slide down a hill squealing and laughing.

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3. Skiing

The chance to balance on two slender pieces of wood and navigate down a slope can be intimidating. But I promise, you won’t regret going on a trip. While there can be a learning curve, nothing beats the feeling of sliding down the slope laughing with your kids and family. Many resorts offer the option for snowboarding, tubing or skiing rental packages, so check your local resort!

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4. Ice Fishing

Not all of us want an adrenaline packed weekend. Sometimes, you just want to drink your hot coffee, drill a hole and catch fish. Ice fishing grants a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite sport during even the coldest of times. So crack the ice, grab the kids and maybe even throw a snowball while you wait for a bite.

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5. Polar Plunge

For those that a slightly crazy, but also want the exhilaration of jumping into freezing cold water with friends, you can take a polar plunge. Making the bucket list for many people, this is a great way to laugh with your buddies or if you lose a bet to pass some times. Sip some beverages on the shore, and jump in. Depending on where you live, there are even huge festivals of others that wear awesome costumes like penguins and dive in to the freezing water.

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6. Baking!

For the less adventurous and more reserved, there is nothing more relaxing than spending a day baking. Make a batch of fudge, homemade hot chocolate or cookies. You can enjoy the winter breeze through your window while the oven warms your kitchen. Get your kids involved and have your friends over with their own recipes. A great way to celebrate with those you love and enjoy some homemade treats.

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7. Have a Bonfire

Wrap up, circle round and get your loved ones close. The fire will keep you warm. You can roast, tell stories, and enjoy the company as you enjoy the outdoors close to home. Why wait until summer with the bugs, heat and sweating when you can cozy up and be comfortable. As an adult or a kid, I can guarantee that you will remember this and set a tone of family fun for the year!.

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8. Sleigh Ride

There is no better way to see your local neighborhood or tour a new one that in a horse and carriage. Get a blanket, your coat and kids and wrap up as you trot through the trails and take time to really see your hometown. The kids will love it, and it makes a great romantic date idea!

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9. Enjoy a Spa or Hot Spring

For those lucky enough to live near natural hot springs, go out and enjoy them or make a day trip! You can’t beat the cold, so take a natural approach and soak in the springs. If you don’t have one within a day trip’s drive, then go to a spa. While not as natural, a hot tub could be a stress reliever you didn’t know that you needed.

10. Tell us yours!

Tell us what you do in the winter to help enjoy or beat the cold! Do you have any places we need to know about and plan a trip? Anything you want to add to the list? Tell us what you do in winter to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year down below.


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