Defund the Police Protesters

Defund the Police?!?!

I’ve been trying to guide The Patriot to be a little less intense recently. I think people need some positivity to get away from the craziness that’s been on every single news station. Even ESPN has been talking about the protests by discussing athletes speaking up and whether or not Colin Kaepernick deserves another chance at the NFL.

Colin Kaepernick kneeling
[Image via Yahoo! Sports]
Side note: No, he doesn’t. He was an above-average QB for one year and was on a really good team. He has since been pulling stunts for attention. He recently had an NFL try out that he decided he would, last minute, bring his own media instead of keeping it a closed workout like the NFL asked. Then when the NFL said ‘no, that’s not allowed from the contract we signed’ he threw a fit on TV…via his personal media he brought…

Anyway, with the recent event of the George Floyd murder, which it no doubt was, Minneapolis has decided it would be a good idea to defund the entire police department.

Let’s just think about this for a minute. So, one cop does something wrong, and the entire police force gets shut down. That doesn’t make sense.

If we even extend it and say that all four police officers involved were in the wrong, which I personally believe they were because one of them should have listened to the people saying the guy can’t breathe and just turned around to see the excessive force to stop it, is that enough of a cause to shut down the entire police force?

To put this into perspective, let’s use a sports team. I’ll go with NBA since they actually have a plan for starting the end of their season. Let’s also use the Dallas Mavericks as an example because they’re my favorite team.

The police force being disbanded is like when the Mavs were terrible for a few consecutive years then one player plays a game and has nothing but turnovers. No assists, no points, nothing but turnovers. Would it be smart to disband the entire organization of the Dallas Mavericks and make an entirely new team? Or, would you be better served firing that one player?

You could make the argument that a person’s life isn’t on the line for the basketball scenario, which is fair, but it has to be looked at from a job perspective. Just like when Ray Rice punched his wife or Aaron Hernandez, who was a deeply troubled individual, murdered someone the organizations that they were a member of were not shut down.

Back to the main question, why would you defund the entire police force then?

The actions of a few bad eggs don’t eliminate the great actions of the other police officers. It just seems entirely too ridiculous to even truly consider. Yet, Minneapolis has done this exact thing.

From a purely objective point of view, I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. The protests that have turned to riots in big cities has shown that a police force is absolutely necessary to keep the peace sometimes. On top of that, who will respond to issues where people need police assistance. That isn’t limited to crazy emergencies. It includes situations where you get in a car wreck and everyone is okay, but you still have to call the police to report it. It includes times where you just want an officer to do a welfare check on your parent or grandparent that’s home alone. It also includes when your car dies and anyone that can help quickly is at work, so you call the police to ask for some roadside assistance.

The police force does so much more than simply stop criminals that are often forgotten or neglected.

Candace Owens with a BLEXIT hat
[Candace Owens with the Kanye West designed BLEXIT hat]
It seems that only Democrats are pushing for this idea. It seems that it’s their way to respond to Candace Owens starting the #BLEXIT movement that is getting some backing now. If you don’t know what BLEXIT is, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s Candace Owens pushing for the Black Community to leave the Democratic party. She started the movement because she sees that the Democrats are using a lot of virtue signaling to pretend to help the Black Community when it actually is centrally predicated on the idea that white people are better. On top of that, the Democratic Party pushes for gun laws, which were originally created as a way to control the black population. Gun law history proves that the movement is also racist.

I agree that Black Lives Matter, but I don’t agree that white lives should be pushed down to make the playing field equal. Instead, black lives should be raised up to an equal playing field. Everyone deserves the same opportunity.

It seems the NAACP agrees on this because they see that defunding the police is bad. The President of the NAACP Derrick Johnson has decided that defunding the police is counterproductive and isn’t backing the movement.

I just want one person to give me a truly rational explanation as to why we should defund the police instead of getting rid of the problems and help grow the positives. The only possible good that could come from this action, in my opinion, is that the police wouldn’t be able to enforce laws against the Second Amendment, which is typically what the Democrats want.

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