Dad Bod, Work Hard For Our Money

Study Proves Women Find Dad Bods Sexy!

Watch this hilarious song parody video. The original song, Work Hard For The Money by Donna Summer is parodied as We Work Hard For Our Tummy’s. LOL

YouTube Link: Dad Bod, We Work Hard For Our Tummy’s

Featuring: Brandon Rich a/k/a Big Daddy Rich and Bubba Challenger with Audio by Chris Goodloe

What is a Dad Bod?

The term “Dad Bod” really started gaining traction in the early 2010’s. It was the term used to describe meat heads that have graduated from being gym badasses to parents.

This evolution meant they had less time to spend in the gym because they cared more about being with their family.

The original thought on the ‘Dad Bod’ was that is showed a man’s priorities had changed from gym to family, and women simply loved that. The belief is that is shows a man is more comfortable with the body he has and realizes that children and his wife is more important than going to the gym for hours on end.

College age men jumped on this new concept and loved that it allowed them to indulge in food and drinks they love, but to maintain the gym time required to be healthy and have good mental health.

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The ‘Dad Bod’ Study

The uber famous gym chain Planet Fitness caught on to the trend and started doing a survey in 2016 to see what the general public thought of the famous ‘dad bod.’

It took a bit, but in 2018 the results yielded a 63% approval rating of the ‘dad bod.’ This year’s results showed it really taking off with a 71% approval rating of the ‘dad bod.’

This is a huge statement for the general public. Though it is a relatively small community being polled, it still speaks to a wider audience of men and allows men to be justified in their fitness and food choices.

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