All over the world people are feeling their governments breathing down their necks. Covid-19 caused many governments to shut down and restrict the movements of their citizens. Their reasoning was that this was to stop the spread. While many people begrudgingly complied in the beginning, there are some who see what could potentially happen if this power of the government goes unchecked. With the restrictions put on people, many have compared what is occurring to George Orwell’s 1984. In the book, Orwell paints a picture of a country under totalitarian rule. The citizens in his book were monitored every day and night by their government. A big part of the book looks at the propaganda and the all seeing Big Brother that the government used to always watch and control the population. This is not much different from what is going on today. It seems as if the governments across the world are trying to keep a watchful eye on the populations and control what they are able to do. If this continues the work of George Orwell could become a reality rather than a piece of fiction.

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