Comparing at the Polls, Part 2: The Republican Party

The final candidates for the presidential election for the Democratic party have been announced. They will be facing off against the sitting president running for reelection and to maintain the control that the Republican Party has right now. While the sitting president has not been quiet about his views, it can be difficult to find his views without running into the drama, debates and tabloids that frequent the news. Here, I hope to show you some of the key issues and where President Trump stands in that spectrum. This will be an overview and be as neutral as possible. I hope to teach you and educate rather than convince you. It is critical to know who is representing you and what they stand for.

Republican Party

Republican Party nixes debate committee ahead of 2020 - CNNPolitics

After winning the Presidential election in 2016, the Republican party has been in a battle to maintain control over the House and Senate. While control over the Senate exists, the House remains democratic. Donald Trump one the election against Hillary Clinton in an election that shocked and awed the country. There was a lot of debate over who the best candidate would be, who was qualified, who didn’t deserve the title, and who would be the best at running our country and improving the foundation.

Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump | The White House

Donald Trump was not a career politician. He made his name, his life and money in the business and real estate industries and was even seen on screen for his TV show The Apprentice. His campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again” has spawned a revolution and revival for the party. He seeks to continue the work from the last 4 years into the next term.

Economic Improvement

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  • Trump plans to continue fighting for working Americans through tax cuts, doubling the Child Tax Credit, and allowed for taxes to be easier to do and doubled the standard deduction.
  • Taxes for small businesses were cut, he invested into American businesses and lowered the corporate tax rates to stimulate the economy.
  • Created millions of jobs, lowered the unemployment rate and wanted to encourage jobs to stay in America. His campaign goal says, “10 Million new jobs in 10 months, Create 1 million new small businesses […] keep jobs in America”
  • End Reliance on China: take back 1 million jobs, tax credits to businesses that bring Americans jobs, no federal contracting to companies that outsource to China
  • Trump plans to lower costs on insurance premiums, drug costs and increase eligibility for coverage (including pre-existing conditions).

Put America First

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This is a rather large section of his campaign and covers MANY topics. Therefore, we will cover this in general and as a large overview to cover as much ground as possible. Trump has plans to ensure that American lives, values, and putting our country first in a host of ways.

  • Trump wants to continue to push for changes in the Opioid Crisis in America through crackdowns in the law, funding for addiction recovery, preventing imports as much as possible, and supporting the DEA in their National Drug Take Back Day- in which there was a record breaking number of surrenders.
  • Maintaining a strict stance on immigration policies for illegal immigrants, enforcing and upgrading border security, crackdowns on international crime organizations, breaking down human trafficking rings, and an immigration reform- this includes blocking illegal immigrants from obtaining “taxpayer funded welfare, healthcare and free college tuition”, deporting non-citizen gang members, and preventing companies from replacing American citizens with cheaper, illegal workers.
  • Protecting American industries like steel and aluminum industries by renegotiating and fighting for fair trade practices.
  • Trump promises to continue his strict actions towards terrorism, specifically speaking to Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran.
  • Trump backs the blue, he wants to hire and fund for more police, calls for stricter laws for violence against law enforcement (including making it an act of domestic terrorism), bring ANTIFA to justice, and he calls for an end to a free bail (aka cashless bail) to keep criminals incarcerated while on trial.
  • “America First Foreign Policy” is another focus in which he wants to make allies pay for a share of war, ending unnecessary war to bring troops home, and crackdown on global terrorist organizations.
  • He will continue the fight to protect life and unborn children as an American value.
  • He promises to continue to support 2nd Amendment rights, protecting citizens from unconstitutional legislation.
  • Trump says he will continue to protect religious organisational and believers to support their right to practice their beliefs.


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Trump calls this “Draining the Swap” in his campaign. His goal is to reform Congress, tackle International organization and ensure that Americans get fair representation and are protected from harm. He has multiple ideas on how this can be accomplished.

  • Trump wants to place limits on Congressional terms, eliminating career politicians and cycling out representatives.
  • He wants to end “bureaucratic government bullying of U.S. citizens and small businesses” in his next term.
  • He wants to combat International Organizations that harm American citizens.
  • Trump will continue to nominate constitutional Supreme Court justices and judges for the lower courts as well to ensure that the law is upheld to the constitution and not arbitrarily.

Hot Topics

The following are areas that many consider hot topics for politics. Here we will state where Trump has stood in the past on these key issues.

  • Capital Punishments- Support
  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences Reform-
  • Private Prisons- Support
  • Paid Leave- Support
  • College Costs (free or decreased costs)- Against
  • Green Energy- Against
  • More Gun Legislation- Against
  • Marijuana Legalization- Neutral (no stated opinion from his official campaign)
  • Defense Budget Increase- Support
  • Abortion- Against
  • Farming Economy- Support

Wrap Up

Trump has continued his ideas from his successful 2016 campaign into his 2020 reelection strategy. He has also expanded on areas that many Americans pointed out as sore spots and have been in the news recently- such as police, gun laws, and career politicians. This guide should give you an overview of where Trump officially stands without any of the biased news or worry. I hope this was useful to inform you on who you are voting for, what each candidate stands for and how Trump plans to continue to Make America Great Again through his reelection.

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