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We care about the world and those who inhabit it. We want to leverage our success to make a real impact on the lives of others.

Shield Republic gives back in a number of ways:

Hold The Line Fundraisers have proven to be an easy method to implement and positively touch the families and units of fallen officers. The main concept behind our Hold The Line Fundraisers is selling personalized apparel, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tumblers where we donate 100% of the net profits directly to the family or unit of the fallen officer. As a result of the success of our fundraisers we’re proud to say that we’ve donated over $100,000. Learn more…

For Fundraiser Assistance:


Browse some of our previous Hold The Line Fundraisers which have enabled us to donate tens of thousands of dollars to grieving families and communities.

Our Christmas To Give program works with local organizations to identify families who have been struggling through prolonged difficulties and are not financially able to provide gifts to their family and loved ones on Christmas day. Shield Republic goes Christmas shopping on their behalf, wraps and delivers the presents with the help of local Troopers, Police & Firefighters to help the families have a more traditional Christmas experience. Learn more…

Helping Hands is a charitable program where we directly give aid to our local communities. The aid we provide comes in the form of clothing, personal items, cash or however we can most positively impact someone’s life who is in need.

There are many causes in the world that are not at the forefront of the public eye and we want to be the voice for those causes. Providing additional assistance to these organizations with funds generated from our fundraisers can make a lasting impact on the lives of many.

Please reach out to our Charities Department if you have a cause we can help you with.

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