Impact of the Space Force

A lot of media has come out since the reveal of the Space Force logo talking about how dumb the symbol is and how it looks just like the Star Trek logo, I agree with the basic sentiment of how it looks similar, but it’s also super cool.

10 Great Gifts for Your First Responder

Great Gift Ideas for your First Responder 1. Trauma Shears Trauma shears are essentially scissors for firefighters and EMTs. They cut through clothes, thick materials and are used nearly daily on the job. They come in different colors, types, and…

10 Personalized Gifts for Your Veteran

Whether your service member is home for the holidays or away defending our nation, any of these gifts would be a great reminder of amazing times. Members of the service have sacrificed, gone above and beyond and deserve the best…

The Marine Corps Birthday: Off the Battlefield Benefits

Happy 244th birthday to the United States Marine Corps! The United States Marine Corps is an extremely elite group of men and women that are willing to give their lives in defense for the country, and the American public could…

Nevada Trooper Saving Flag on Highway

5 Videos of Police Officers Portraying American Values

America’s police is synonymous with American values unlike the policies of San Francisco and Baltimore but that’s another topic. Don't just take our word for it. Here are five videos showing police officers from across the country defending our revered American values.