Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister

Canada Starts Banning Guns

Everyone is getting a little excited because some states are starting to open back up in the United States, albeit slowly and with specific limitations. The limits are there to help keep the spread of COVID-19 from going crazy the moment places start opening their doors again.

Which makes sense for places that aren’t getting hit nearly as hard as a high tourist or extreme density states like New York and California.

The only people really complaining about it are the same people that say people need to quit supporting big companies like Amazon but refuse to shop locally because it’s way more expensive.

Our national neighbors to the north are taking pages out of Beto O’Rourke’s own playbook; Canada is banning “military-style firearms” and coupling it with a buy-back plan.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided it was a great idea to react emotionally to a national tragedy. The mass shooting that happened in Nova Scotia is an absolute tragedy. Everyone at Shield Republic sends their thoughts and prayers to the country and the families involved in the incident.

Being upset about a tragedy does not mean you should react so poorly though.

The point of politicians is to help keep the public safe. To keep the public safe, they’re supposed to use logic, reason, and emotions in balance to make the correct choices.

Don’t worry though, the conservative forces are fighting back for individual liberties still.

As Lorne Gunter puts it in an article for the Toronto Sun, “…the ban is worse than useless. It’s almost impossible to comprehend.”

This put Conservative MP Glen Motz on edge, and he started a petition back in December to make Trudeau aware of the discontent about the firearm ban.

If you’re a Canadian or know someone who is, the link to the petition is here.

What this means for Americans

Like most conservative Americans, the Canadian gun ban will probably make you pretty annoyed.

But, also like most conservative Americans, you probably don’t think that international politics really matters to you.

I would agree with that to an extent. I like keeping to myself as much as the next guy, but when it’s your neighbor versus someone in another town, it has different implications.

I said the ban is similar to what Beto wants to do to American politics, but it gets worse.

CNN has said that the Canadian gun ban isn’t enough.

Honestly, what more can you expect from the mainstream media that crucifies Kavanaugh with less evidence than what Tara Reade has on Joe Biden, whom they ignore?

Blocking people from buying something to protect themselves is going to be illegal and Mr. Michael Bociurkiw is suggesting Canada should block the US-Canada border to, get this, “block the flow of illegal weapons.”

But I’m curious if the weapons are illegal, why are they getting across the border?

Okay, I could sit here and bash this entire article with tons of facts, but I think we all have better things to do with our time.

Instead, I will say that we, as Americans, need to be concerned about the effect this ban could have on future legislation in America. If guns get banned in Canada, and it has a positive effect on even one study, people on the left will continually cite it for years to come, despite the vast amounts of evidence proving them otherwise.

In America, we have to be concerned when other countries lose their rights because it will only motivate the current left in the American government to push their agenda harder.

Socialism sounds great on paper. But it has been proven time and time again to not work. Yet, it is getting a resurgence in America again.

Any form of government that places the utmost value on the individual is going to work the best. The more we stress the individual rights, the more we will succeed.

Share this with your Canadian friends, and hopefully, this awful legislation, that skipped being an act of Parliament and was decreed by order-in-council instead, will have been repealed before it does too much damage.

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