Joe Biden giving a speech at South Carolina Primary

Biden Wins South Carolina, but Loses Gun Supporters

It finally happened! Bernie freaking Sanders finally gets a kick in his butt because Joe Biden, who still feels basically dead on stage, won South Carolina.

If there is anything I’m extremely annoyed with it’s, first off, Bloomberg ads while I’m trying to waste time on YouTube and watching Hulu, and I despise Sanders being on such a strong run in the Democratic primaries.

Thank the good Lord above that Bernie finally lost a state. I’m still mad that he is doing well at all because Socialism doesn’t work. It never has. I don’t believe it ever will either.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, after competing in 3 presidential races, finally won his first primary.

For the sake of the country, I really hope that Biden wins the Democratic nomination because, as we saw come true when President Trump won in 2016, anyone can win the United States Presidential election.

That makes me absolutely terrified to have Sanders win the nomination.

I worry that if he does win the nomination, he could then win the presidency. It’s just too hard to actually tell. That’s the honest truth and I hate to say it, but I believe that it needs to be said.

Many people have been saying they want Bernie to win the nomination because President Trump will have an easier time attacking him since he is such an idiot. I disagree. It seems entirely too difficult to run against someone who offers a bunch of free stuff.

Bernie’s slogan basically just feels like he’s running on the platform as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite: “Vote for me and all your wildest dreams will come true.”

Biden Attacks Gun Makers

Biden pretending to shoot a gun

I say congrats to Joe Biden winning the South Carolina state primary for his run to win a Senate position.

Yes, he actually said he was running for Senate instead of President. I worry about this guy’s health sometimes.

If Joe were actually running for Senate, he might be able to do something about the 150 million gun deaths that happened since 2007…

Again, another thing Joe actually said.

That means the United States, which has a population of roughly 330 million people, had almost half the population die since 2007.

It gets better though!

I congratulated Biden on beating the Socialist Sanders, and I stand by that! But the idiot Biden called out gun manufacturers in South Carolina next.

He released his new gun control plan, which is still better than most other gun control claims by the rest of the Democratic candidates, but the plan calls for a new assault weapon ban and universal background checks.

That’s better than the confiscation plans any other candidate is saying.

Instead of just leaving it at that and getting some liberal voters that are for guns, Joe Biden dropped this gem: “I’m coming for you, and I’m taking you down.”

This comes from Biden saying that gun owners should be responsible for any crimes committed with said guns.

That’s stupid. It’s like saying I should sue a car company for a car accident. I also disagree with this because the car didn’t cause the accident, most likely, and the driver should be responsible.

Obama Still Says “No” to Joe

Obama and Biden
[Image via Politico]
As I said earlier, I’m happy Joe Biden beat Sanders in South Carolina. I worry more about a socialist running for president, especially since Russia is apparently backing him, than an idiot like Biden.

Former President Barack Obama, who had Joe Biden as his freaking Vice President, called Joe and was like, “Hey, congrats. I didn’t think you had a shot which is why I haven’t backed you yet, but you won. On that note, I still don’t think you have a shot, so I’m going to wait and back the guy I think will most likely win the nomination.”

He didn’t say those words exactly, but that is the best way to interpret what happened.

Obama really did call Biden to offer his congratulations, but then he told him he wasn’t ready to make a decision yet about who he wants to back.

On top of Obama slapping Biden in the face basically, Obama didn’t convince Mayor Pete, who recently dropped out of the race, to back him either.

Allegedly, they called and Obama either said something to convince Buttigieg not to back Biden, or he was just saying that he doesn’t believe in Biden.

Either way, I’m okay with Pete pulling out of the race, and I would rather have all his supporters go over to Crazy Joe than to Bernie.

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