Biden Backs Down…Some

At this point in time, there is not an official President-Elect for the United States of America. 

It’s pretty safe to say that Former Vice President Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States though. 

To some this is the greatest news they’ve ever heard; to others, it’s some of the worst news out there. 

It’s no secret that Joe Biden tends to lean further left on the political spectrum than most conservatives would like. This is only furthered by the fact he has selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. She’s extremely progressive and wants to institute a socialist government as she has said many times. 

It also seems that the Democrats kind of manipulated people that want some social justice to get more votes. They have, time and time again, gone against the medical recommendations of facemasks and large gatherings in favor or riots and protests that are for social justice causes. 

The Democrats, as a party, have consistently just tried to go against anything President Trump has said. He says riots need to stop, and the Dems say it’s okay if they are going for social justice. 

I don’t think Donald Trump is America’s savior by any means. In fact, I would argue that anytime the world cares that much who the president is, is the time we, as a nation, should start to check his power. America is a constitutional republic led by the people. The president is only the face of the country. As the face of the country I think Trump was a bit too controversial in his speech that divided this country a little further than it should have. But overall, his presidency was considerably better and more conservative (except for my bump stocks, those need to be made legal again) than I had previously expected.

The heart of what I’m trying to say though, is that the Democrats seem to have straight up manipulated people that wanted social justice, just so they could get some extra votes. 

Biden’s Social Justice Lies

Joe Biden has a lot of progressive ideas. (Gun buybacks anyone?) But he hasn’t really made any statements about his plan for executive orders. 

He also talked a big game about social justice. He, and other Democrats, have continually gone against previous statements about personal rights and how large groups, such as Trump rallies (which is a political route to maintaining personal rights), in favor of protests that turn into riots in favor of making a statement about social justice instead of having an actual plan or working to change things. 

The biggest issue is that on 12/10/2020 it was the official marker for the 32nd day in a row that the Biden/Harris administration had not responded to the BLM organization for a meeting. They didn’t deny or confirm. They straight up ghosted them. 

That’s not where it ends either!

In a recent news article by CNN, it came out that Joe Biden had a meeting with some of the top civil rights leaders and basically told them he can’t do what they want him to. 

These are people that voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris under the guise that he would do exactly what they wanted. 

President Donald Trump has done more than former president Barak Obama for the black community in that he actually worked with individuals to improve the lives of the black community. President Trump worked with the popular rapper/actor/activist Ice Cube to figure out a way to make the world a little bit of a better place. 

Biden’s Executive Order Plan

COVID-19 Executive Orders Tracker for the 50 States - American Legislative  Exchange Council

I couldn’t find a direct plan from Joe Biden about his planned executive orders, but the closest I found was an article on the Washington Post

The main concern is the current pandemic. Biden has hinted that he would sign an executive order for mandating masks for everyone, but that doesn’t seem like it could really happen easily. There is already a ton of public outcry against businesses requiring masks; however, businesses have the ability to deny anyone service for any reason. This includes people wanting to shop without a mask. 

On top of that, the biggest fear that people have is, if the government has the power to force us to wear masks, then they will also use this power to force us to wear other things. Wearing the Star of David to identify as a Jew was the first step Hitler took for his plan of concentration camps.

Biden’s other plans outlined in the article are returning to the Paris Climate Accords. This doesn’t seem like it really helps anything though. It does promote a globalized economy, which has some potential benefits, but is easily shown as a problem with things like the current pandemic.

Biden also wants to rejoin the World Health Organization, but as we have seen first hand, they have flip flopped on what is and isn’t safe during the pandemic. I understand updating policies as more information becomes available, but just stand by your decisions. 

The last major thing outlined in the Washington Post article is that Biden wants to allow the babies and people born in America illegally to be legalized citizens. He also wants to cancel the travel bans from mostly Muslim countries. 

I feel like it’s easy to point out the problems here, mainly that the bans are because of a pandemic and it doesn’t ban everyone going to or from the Muslim countries. Second, no other nation has open borders because it’s terrible legislation so that’s just dumb. 

I guess only time will tell the true outcome of Biden’s presidency, but I have eternal optimism and belief in humanity. No matter what happens, people will figure out a way to thrive. 

As Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park says, “Life…uh…finds a way.”

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