Bernie and Biden bumping elbows

Bernie Bros Back Biden

It’s time to push the COVID-19 pandemic to the side for a moment and talk about a little bit of the political occurrences happening in America. Believe it or not, a worldwide pandemic doesn’t push the election back. It just puts it on the backburner of the news cycle.

That doesn’t mean we should ignore other things going on in the world.

In fact, it means we should probably be more attentive to what else is going on since we’re all stuck inside anyway.

Just a side note, there is a huge oil war going on right now in the world, and that is kind of terrifying. It’s good for the consumers because of the low price of gas, but speaking on a global economic basis, it can cause greater dependence on Saudi Arabia for barrels of oil.

Nobody wants that.

Except maybe Saudi Arabia.

Nonetheless, there is a huge election happening in November this year. There is the potential of mail-in ballots being accepted.

Which is pretty big news in itself. I’m not sure how I feel about it either. Mail-in ballots are questionable because they could get lost, falsified, and there’s no way to prove it only goes to American citizens. On the other hand, I think social distancing is still important and people will need to continue to take that seriously.

We have to flatten the curve so that we can raise the line.

That saying comes from the diagram showing the bell curve of the outbreak and the line being the level of medical materials and personnel that can help fight the pandemic if it were to become a season illness like the flu.

Like I was saying, there is still the 2020 election that will happen in November. So, we must divert our attention from the global pandemic and take care of the splinter in our own eye before we can attack the plank in the world’s.

Bernie Sanders Drops Out

Senator Bernie Sanders at a podium
[Image via ABC News]
The first big news is that Bernie Sanders has officially dropped out of the Democratic Primary race.

In an attempt to save face and, on the claims of beating President Trump in his attempt for a second term, Bernie Sanders has decided to drop out of the Democratic Primary race.

This is a good sign for President Trump and a big win for capitalism and the American economy.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was running on the platform of democratic socialism and hoping to begin a campaign of total equality.

A bit ironic for a man that has written that women have rape fantasies and was kicked out of commune for not being productive was trying to say that everyone deserves the same pay no matter what.

In any case, Sanders’s platform of giving a bunch of stuff away for free is hard to beat when it comes to elections. Free is usually a better prospect than the idea of working for a reward.

Though people will say on an individual basis that working toward your goals is more rewarding, as a group people like free stuff.

I have to say, I don’t blame them.

I’m an aspiring author and it would be pretty cool to have my name stamped on a book and get all the rewards for that book but having someone else do all the hard work of actually writing the novel.

Sanders Endorses Biden

Joe Biden giving a speech at South Carolina Primary
[Image via Slate]
In another shocking turn of events (I hope the sarcasm is palpable), Senator Sanders has now endorsed Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.

I guess Sanders found out about Biden’s recent rape allegations and decided to compare notes on his believed fantasies.

Side note: It’s extremely unfair that the Democrats and news outlets cover rape allegations nonstop when it comes to a Republican being accused, but when it’s a fellow Democrat, it’s a totally different process.

It seemed that Joe Biden was the man that the Democratic Convention had chosen anyway.

Biden had been trailing the popular vote, but when it started coming down to it, the Bernie Bros didn’t show up at the polls and Biden was the least offensive of all those Democrats that were running.

Notice I didn’t say he was the best option. He is just the least worst.

It’s like being the tallest short guy or skinniest fat guy, it ultimately doesn’t matter. You’re either still short or still fat, but no matter what you’re still short or fat.

On top of that, it seems that Joe Biden is losing his mental faculties. It’s like he wants to run for president, but he wouldn’t be mentally fit to hold the office for very long. God forbid anything bad happen due to health due to the physical and mental stress that the position causes.

Hopefully, his health improves, or, at the least, he isn’t running for the sake of the Democratic convention having an easily controllable candidate.

What This Means for the Election

a 2020 election graphic
[Image via Montgomery County Maryland]
I think this means President Trump will win again in 2020.

If Trump were to be running against Senator Sanders, he probably would have had a rougher time with the debates because, again, a campaign of free stuff is just hard to beat.

Another thing that I think gives Trump the upper hand, besides being more mentally and physically fit than Joe Biden, is his stance on the 2nd Amendment.

With the global pandemic going on, Americans have flocked to gun stores. As tensions rose and hoarding increased, people have desired a way to protect themselves and their goods. This is where the 2nd Amendment comes into play.

Biden has verbally committed to putting gun-grabbers like Robert (Beto) O’Rourke in charge of his firearm programs.

With that being the case, he doesn’t want people cherishing their precious AR-14s…

In all seriousness, Democrats and Independents alike are learning that the gun buying process isn’t as easy or quick as they thought. More and more people are coming to side with the right to bearing arms.

These are just some simple explanations, but vote and hope for a second term for President Trump.

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