A close up of some stocks at the NYSE

3 Steps the US Government Must Take to Rebuild the Economy Once the Coronavirus Epidemic is Over

The Wuhan virus is leaving a trail of destruction in its wake across the world. The United States, in particular, has been severely affected by the pandemic. Over 400,000 people have been infected and close to 13,000 people have died…

A handgun sitting on top of the United States Constitution

Eliminating the 2nd Amendment Remains the Main Goal of the Liberal Left

What do liberals love about America? You’d be hard-pressed to answer that question since they hate pretty much everything that our country stands for. On the other hand, if I were to ask you as to what they hate the…

American values shape America literally

Why Socialism is Antithetical to American Values

There is a specter haunting the United States. It is the specter of democratic socialism – an idea that is being popularized by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The unexpected rise of Sanders has caused the establishment to panic and…

A chalk outline of the Democratic party mascot that has died.

Iowa Caucus Results Prove the Fall Of The Democratic Party

The Iowa caucus meltdown is a sign of things to come for the Democratic Party. Dubious debating criteria, false accusations, and compulsive infighting topped by technical fiascos highlighted the launch of the 2020 Democratic primaries. And these are the people…

Women For Trump GOP Family Values

OPINION: Study Says Married White Women Are More Likely to Support Conservative Parties

Have you ever noticed that a vast majority of conservative women in the country fit a certain profile? They mostly tend to be white, attractive, married, and have children. From Sarah Palin to Kellyanne Conway, white women have been some…

Nevada Trooper Saving Flag on Highway

5 Videos of Police Officers Portraying American Values

America’s police is synonymous with American values unlike the policies of San Francisco and Baltimore but that’s another topic. Don't just take our word for it. Here are five videos showing police officers from across the country defending our revered American values.