FUNDED: Hold The Line Fundraiser Officer Nick O’Rear

The Hold the Line Fundraiser for Officer Nick O’Rear has ended. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this Hold The Line fundraiser and allowed us to send a donation to his family in excess of $4,000.

officer Nick O'Rear fundraiser donation

100% of net profits will be donated to the family of Officer Nick O’Rear, who was tragically shot and killed during a vehicle pursuit while assisting a neighboring agency on I-65 near Old U.S. Highway 31. An officer with the Warrior police department has initiated the pursuit when he attempted to conduct a traffic stop. That’s when officer O’Rear responded to assist in the pursuit the fleeing suspect starting opening fire striking officer O’Rear causing him to crash. Officer O’Rear was transported to the hospital where he sadly succumbed to his injuries. The shooter fled into Jefferson County where he was taken into custody and was charged with capital murder.

Officer O’Rear had served with the Kimberly Police Department  for one year and had previously with the Ashville police department. He is survived by his two children and a third on the way.

Please help with donations by participating in the fundraiser via the following link:

100% Donation Hold The Line officer O’Rear

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