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About Shield Republic

We are Founders, Barrett Johnson & Ryan Carter and we founded Shield Republic in 2016 in our home outside Raleigh, NC. Our core values are Honor, Courage and Commitment. We stand for freedom and liberty in service to God, Country, our families and all Americans.

We are driven to design products that speak loudly to the individual who never quits the fight and lives for liberty and freedom.

Through Shield Republic Charities we donate 100% of the net profits to organizations like COPS, Law Enforcement United, Autism Society of America and many others.

Barrett Johnson
Shield Republic Co-Founder

Born and raised in Johnston County, NC
Father of three and married to my middle-school sweetheart for nearly 20 years. My primary hobby is flying. I’ve been a licensed pilot for seven years.
Ryan Carter
Shield Republic Co-Founder

Born and raised in Clayton, NC
I went to East Carolina University. Soon to be a father of one. My wife and I grew up together and went to the same church our entire lives. My hobbies include, golf, shooting and my dog.

“Shield Republic represents an American brand which all brands aspire to imitate!”


About Shield Republic

Shield Republic is a proud American lifestyle brand founded in 2016, outside Raleigh, NC. All of our apparel and merchandise is proudly designed and printed in the United States.

Shield Republic offers thousands of the most creative and fresh apparel & merchandise items which embody American pride. Shield Republic appeals to patriotic Americans who are passionate about personal strength, the 2nd amendment, our military, and our Nations first responders.

Shield Republic Charities is our way of showing our appreciation to our soldiers, first responders and their families. Since our founding we have donated more than $500,000 to families in need.

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