Fall Pumpkin Patch - Family Fun Activities

5 Fun Family Fall Festivities!

What better way to enjoy fall than with these classic family activities. You can support your local farmers, get some quality family time, and get a good scare. These are the top 5 must do family activities for fall for your entire family. 

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

This sounds like a classic example, but it encompasses the best of many things. While you are supporting a local farm in your community, you can enjoy a variety of activities like corn mazes, hayrides, homemade ciders and jams, and even corn or pumpkin cannons! It’s a great way to bond with the kids and wear them out for the day. 

2. Camping or a Bonfire

Depending on where you live and what you have available, this could make a great weekend getaway or a calm evening. You can hit the road, go to nowhere and set up camp. This bonding experience will bring the family close together with no heater or cooling needed in this perfect weather. If your schedule won’t allow you to take off, take a night. Head to a local park or your backyard and set up a campfire. Whether you use a designated grill area or make your own fire pit, the kids will love cooking their own hot dogs and roasting s’mores. This American classic can bring your family together. 

PS: Did you know there’s a National S’mores Day? Yup! It’s August 10th.

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3. Visit a Haunted House or a Ghost Adventure

Depending on where you fall on the spectrum, the fake haunted houses with jump scares or a more realistic vibe ghost tour, you can explore your community with the family. The ghost stories to be told or the jump scares will allow for a great scream and time out with the family. If you go for an actual ghost tour, depending on your area, you can learn some history about your hometown while taking a leisurely stroll. Here’s a directory of haunted houses to find one near you!

4. Chili-Cook Off!

What better way to show off your chili recipe than to get the family together for a BBQ. You can showcase a chili cook off or just get the family together. Crack open a cold one, get the grill out and be ready to have a low key bonding experience in your own backyard. 

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5. Movie Night!

If you want to roll out to an old school drive in, if in your area, or set up some classic snacks and enjoy a horror film at home. This can be done exactly to your taste. You can sit back with Hocus Pocus and the kids or enjoy It with some adult friends. Add in some snacks, popcorn and just enjoy the company. This can be done indoors or outside with some blankets. There is no better way to enjoy a fall evening than huddled up with friends and a movie projected on the back of the house. 

If you have any of your classic family fall adventures, feel free to share with us in the comments. At Shield Republic, we support and encourage families to enjoy their time together when you can. Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the smaller things. 

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