5 Best TV Dads of 2020

We all know there were the dads that we grew up with on TV. Whether it was classic Danny Tanner or Andy Taylor from Andy Griffith that taught us who we wanted to grow up to be, we watched and were in awe.

But in 2020, a lot has changed. Dads have adjusted with the times and come in all shapes, colors and sizes. With all the diversity of dads we have, I thought we should highlight some of the best dads from TV 2020. These aren’t the classics that we grew up on, but more the ones that are new age and more modern examples of a dad.

Stan Smith

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The stereotypical All American Dad. While he may work for the CIA, his personal life isn’t top secret. He strives to keep his family a close knit unit. While Haley may not have the same views as her father and Steve is far from the poster child that Stan wanted, they are all banded together in the series.

While Steve struggles through high school and puberty, Haley drifts her way through the world with her more liberal and hippie views. When you throw in the alien- Roger, and their goldfish who has the brain of a German- Klaus, this show shows you that though we all take different adventures and paths in life, we are linked together as family.

Homer Simpson

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Homer is not the best parent around, especially when he strangles his son at times causing his eyes to bulge. But this family cartoon for adults is the longest running in TV history. While their typical day-to-day interactions don’t seem to show a loving family, they are bonded together and many of the episodes showcase their tight family and things they bond over.

Homer shows the normal man struggling to keep up at work with a job he’s not great or happy at, but has a host of friends and complicated cast of characters to keep the stage lively and comical. With his stereotypical wife and unique three kids, this show sets the stage to show normal American problems and how close a family can be.

Mark Naird

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Mark Naird is a typical military dad. He has a lovely wife, a teenage daughter and a career with a new promotion. Only, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Moving his family from Washington DC to Colorado was a big adjustment for them all. The mother goes to prison (and we’re not sure why) and his daughter is rebelling against him.

Here this dad must carefully balance his career and family life. He wants to be successful in both and walks a fine line, that we all laugh as he stumbles across, to keep that balance.

Jerry Smith and Rick Sanchez

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Rick and Morty is a fun show to watch but also shows us a great dad and granddad combo. Jerry Smith is a man trying to keep his family together amidst crazy scientific adventures from his father-in-law Rick. While Jerry takes a more traditional approach to raising his children, Rick is a returning figure in his daughter and grandchildren’s lives. You can see Jerry as he parents through a near-divorce and tries to teach his kids the right path. Meanwhile, Rick takes them on sci-fi adventures to keep things comical and interesting.

The two make an unseen alliance when they both realize that they want what is best for the children and Beth (Rick’s daughter and Jerry’s wife). The pair bond and even share an adventure or two with each other throughout the series.

Martin Byrde

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Ozark features the criminal side of family. When Martin has to relocate his family to the Ozark after a money laundering scheme, he tries to take them to where it is safe. Using his criminal expertise, he provides for his family through his activities and balances keeping a roof over their heads and keeping them safe.

While Martin isn’t a role model for a parent, he is a great example of a dad going to extreme lengths for his family. He provides for the, takes them with him across the country and tries to keep them safe from the darker side of his life. While his activities may not be the best way to make a living, this 2020 dad tried.

In 2020, we met some new dads that changed how we view the role. The one that wears the pants and is the provider and protector for the family. These shows set up the role of dad and take a new twist on the stereotype.

But this list isn’t all inclusive. Comment down below some of the best TV dads that you have seen lately.


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