5 Best Great Date Night Ideas for Valentines Day

Some of us struggle to find what to do for the day to celebrate the holiday. While you could choose a traditional dinner and roses, there are other more romantic and unique ideas that could give you the date you’ve really been wanting. For guys or gals, here are some of the 5 best date ideas for you this holiday.

Recreate your First Date

We may not all have had a smooth first date. Whether it was a hot mess, awkward or sweet, recreating the moment is an experience that will let you relive the memories of meeting. You laugh together doing your first dinner, rent the movie that you saw in theaters together or go back to that coffee shop where it all began. There are so many ways to relive the magic.

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Unplug for the Night

Lock your doors, take away the phones and unplug for the night. You can focus on each other, play a game together, read a book, cook dinner, order takeout or just have some wine and wind down. Anything that involves spending time together and focusing on your relationship. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant night out, but enjoy the night in all to yourselves.

A Day at the Range

When you feel like you want to go out, but not go the boring way, enjoy a day on the range. You can visit a shooting range for a couple’s event and enjoy the selection they have. While not a traditional romantic date, it is one that is fun and won’t be easily forgotten. For competitive couples, looser buys dinner!

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Drinks–> Dinner–> Desert

So you want to go have drinks and dinner, but why go to just one place? Enjoy the night at all your favorite places. Enjoy a drink from your favorite bar and listen to the band. Go to a restaurant for a nice dinner and finish off the night at great ice cream parlor or bakery. Why spend the whole night in one place when you can hop from your favorite locations and get the best of everything.

Cruise and star gaze

One of the most romantic and relaxed dates could be a simple one. Why not enjoy a scenic drive and spend the evening looking at the stars. You can bring some snacks or drinks, bundle up and enjoy the peace and quiet. Stopping at your favorite park, a trail ride, or the parkway where you can use the lookouts to enjoy the best views around.

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What about you?

What are some of your favorite date ideas? Do you have a go to tradition for Valentines? Have you had a great date you want to share? Anything you think we should add? Comment down below!

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