4 Reasons Why Tucker Carlson is the BEST Journalist Today

Who do you think is the worst journalist in the country today?

I know that it is a difficult question to answer, since there are so many options to choose from – from the insufferably arrogant Anderson Cooper to the abominably dumb Don Lemon, the always-whiny Rachel Maddow, and Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo.

Now, let me ask you a different question.

Who do you think is the best journalist in the country today?

The only right answer to this question is – Tucker Carlson.

A staunch nationalist and a social conservative, Carlson is the host of the most-watched show on cable news and one of the most respected political commentators in the country today.

There are many, many reasons why Carlson stands head and shoulders above other journalists in the country – on both ends of the political spectrum. In this article, I have listed four reasons for his immense popularity among ordinary Americans and his rising clout in the Republican Party.

1. He Stands Up for Working Class Americans

Nobody – with the exception of the President himself – has talked more about working-class Americans and the issues that plague Middle America than Tucker Carlson.

It is no secret that Middle America has been devastated by the de-industrialization process that took place under the Bill Clinton administration. Thousands of manufacturing jobs were outsourced to China just so our billionaire class could make more profits. As a result, Middle America – which once used to be the most industrious and prosperous region in the country – was hollowed out.

Watch this clip where Carlson masterfully investigates the cause of poverty and despair in rural America and calls out the people who were responsible for it. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is not a single journalist in the country today who has the guts to do what Carlson did in this segment.

2. He Is Neutral

Unlike the hacks at CNN and MSNBC whose sole duty is to cover up the mishaps and crimes of the Democrats, Carlson is neutral in the truest sense. If and when a Republican politician makes a policy decision that goes against the interests of the country, Carlson is not afraid to call them out and criticize them.

Here is Carlson criticizing the Republicans for failing to take decisive action against the Democratic voters who are burning down our cities.

Here is Carlson sparring fiercely with GOP Senator Mike Braun, who is a RINO (Republican in Name Only like the late John McCain was and Mitt Romney), over the issue of police reforms.

Here is Carlson warning President Trump that he could lose the election in November.

Can you imagine any left-liberal journalist grilling their Democratic bosses in this way? That’s what makes Carlson special. He speaks truth to power – as an honest journalist should – irrespective of who is in power.

3. He Is Against Regime Change Wars

A napalm strike erupts in a fireball near U.S. troops on patrol in South Vietnam, 1966 during the Vietnam War. (AP Photo)

Tucker Carlson is one of the very few people in the nationalist-conservative establishment who hate the regime-change wars that America engages in with alarming regularity.

The Iraq war – which cost us over a trillion dollars and in which nearly 7,000 US army men and women were killed (Saddam had to go but Bush did not have an exit plan and our vehicles were not sufficient) – should serve as a constant reminder that replacing a radical regime and bringing stability to a region which has been embroiled in ethnic conflicts for thousands of years is next to impossible.

Yet the neocons in Washington seem to be pushing for more regime-change wars – not just in the Middle East, but all over the world. That’s why John Bolton had to go.

Watch this segment where Carlson takes down the smug and self-centered Bolton (just mentioned) for his enthusiastic calls for a regime change in Iran. But we can take the snake off of Iran’s head and destroy their nuclear facilities – we have learned from Iraq. Most Iranians would support us if we did that. Are you getting this Carlson?

In fact, Carlson was the person who persuaded President Trump to call off an airstrike against Iran last year, when they shot down one of our unmanned drones. Good for Tucker but Iran is going to have to be dealt with eventually.

When Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was killed in a US airstrike, Carlson was probably the only person in the entire country to criticize those who were celebrating it. Hey – Tucker is more logical when it comes to domestic issues but he’s right on when attacking China and their virus.

4. He Is Unabashedly American

Tucker Carlson is an American patriot in every sense of the word. He stands up for American values, the American way of life, and American culture. If anyone speaks or acts against the interests of America – it does not matter who they are or what they do – Carlson will oppose them.

When the job-killing and ISIS loving Senator Tammy Duckworth called for George Washington statutes to be taken down, Carlson was the only journalist in the country to call her out and criticize her vehemently. Watch this segment where Carlson takes Duckworth to the cleaners over her disparaging remarks on George Washington.

When the terrorist supporter Ilhan Omar – a person who has no business being in America in my opinion – equated America with Al Qaeda and referred to the 9/11 attack as an incident where ‘some people did something’, Carlson ripped her to shreds in a must-watch segment.

Think about it for a moment. Duckworth is not only a senator but is also a person of color and a veteran who lost her legs while serving in the army. Any other journalist in Carlson’s position would have been apprehensive about criticizing her, as she could easily play the victim card in so many different ways – which she did by the way.

And that’s what sets Carlson apart from the rest of the bunch. He has no qualms about taking on people who look down on America – irrespective of their race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.

President Tucker Carlson?

As I am writing this article, there is a strong buzz in the Republican circles that Tucker Carlson could be a Presidential candidate in the future if he understands that Iran needs to be dealt with and cannot obtain a nuclear weapon. While Carlson has not shown any interest in politics, I do hope it happens just like I hope Tucker realizes we have to be willing to confront China even if that risks going to war. America could not ask for a more honest, more patriotic, and more sincere leader than Tucker Carlson.

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