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10 Movie Series to Distract You From Politics Pt. 1

The 2020 election has felt like it’s been going on since Trump announced his candidacy for the 2016 election. Now that the official polling days have come and gone, the whole nation is waiting. 

I want to say holding our breath, but to be honest, everyone is screaming instead. 

It also appears, based on what the Clark County, Nevada voting administrator has said in a press conference that it probably will take a good week or two before they get finished with their counting process.

Regardless of your stance, although if you’re on this site it’s a very high probability that you’re a conservative or at least anti-Biden, we could all use a break at this point. 

That is why I have compiled an amazing list…possibly the best list ever created. Everyone agrees it is actually the best list ever created covering the topic I have covered here. 

It’s the list of…you know the thing.

I’ve got the absolute proof of this list being the all-time best 10 action movies to help distract you for a bit from this crazy election cycle. 

Just for the record, I am including the entire series as a single movie because they are all part of a larger narrative and it just worked out that way. If you have some in mind that should have made the list but didn’t, let me know in the comments section.

Harry Potter Series

All 8 Harry Potter Movies

I know these movies aren’t for everyone. Some people can’t make it past the mixing of fantasy with real life. I think that’s what made the series so magical for me. Plus, I grew up with them. Reading the books as they came out and watching the movies with my friends and family as soon as I could.

Shoot, I even proposed to my wife by using the first Harry Potter book instead of a ring box. 

The Wizarding World is so immersive though that this series deserves a spot on the list. You could get into this series and not stop for a very long time. It makes for a strong week of movie watching.

Star Wars Series

Star Wars Movies

I’m a complete and total nerd. That means a couple of the movies and series on this list will end up being fairly nerdy.

That being said, just like the Wizarding World, the Star Wars universe is literally multiple universes in size. It’s freaking huge. 

There is so much to watch that is canon now that you would have a lot of time and distraction. Plus, the series is so good. Some movies are better than others. 

*cough cough* The Last Jedi was the best in the new trilogy. *cough cough*

Man, I gotta quit coughing during my hot takes.

Nonetheless, the entire Star Wars series is really good. There are so many stories that aren’t canon since Disney gained control, but that doesn’t make them bad. There’s just so much content that it’s worth it even if you’re not a nerd. 

Plus, the original series is created on the formula of stories that human beings are proven to enjoy. So, at least give it a try. 

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Poster

The Lord of the Rings book series is supposed to be counted as a single book broken into multiple volumes because of their sheer size. Tolkien literally created a new world and multiple races of beings as well as multiple languages. 

If we’re talking about single author worlds, then Tolkien’s Middle Earth easily would take the cake as the most massive. 

Not only that, but you could spend so much time in deep study of the works. The films and books are equally immersive and incredibly deep. 

Tolkien was a professor in literature, so his writing is top tier and very deep and meaningful. Tolkien actually made so many different allusions in his tale of the One Ring’s destruction that there is yet to be a consensus on what all of it meant. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Movies

Since the goal of this list is to distract from politics, I think it’s totally appropriate to include the MCU because they even dabble in politics within the series. 

Not only is this a very fun long-term story, but it feels so real despite the technology being science fiction and magic being readily available. Plus, there is literally a Norse god and there are still religious debates in that world.

Some things just don’t make sense to me.

Nonetheless, the MCU is very fun to dive into. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I went to a theater to enjoy Iron Man way back in 2008. 

These movies literally changed the way movies were made. 

If you want a good distraction from the problems of the real world and the election, give these fantastic films a watch.

Jurassic World Series

Jurassic World Series

This is kind of a no brainer in my opinion. 

I absolutely LOVE all things dinosaur, so the fact there’s a movie franchise based around a theme park (something else I’m a big fan of) I absolutely had to get in on the action. 

There are so many dinosaurs and plots to follow that these movies make for the perfect distraction when we need it most. 

So, hold onto your butts and enjoy all 5 movies currently in the franchise. Maybe by the time the election is officially over, the 6th movie will be available to watch in celebration or mourning of the outcome. 

Rambo Series

Rambo movie posters

There are now 5 flicks that make out the series. And they all deserve a good watch. 

I don’t know when Sly Stallone will for real call it quits, but as long as he’s pooping out action movies, I’m going to keep watching them. 

The first 2 movies are an actual master class in action movies. After that, they lean into more ridiculous and over the top (Sly movie reference!) effects to keep people entertained. Which, I’m totally okay with.

I honestly don’t know where I’d be today with these glorious action-packed movies. At the very least, the first two give an incredibly strong showing of what is a good action movie. They also are a fun conspiracy idea mixed with handling the very real trauma of soldiers.

End Part 1

We’ll stop here for now and release a list with the second group next week. This should be enough of a distraction to help you make it to where you need to be for a while.

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