10 Personalized Gifts for Your Veteran

Whether your service member is home for the holidays or away defending our nation, any of these gifts would be a great reminder of amazing times. Members of the service have sacrificed, gone above and beyond and deserve the best this holiday has to offer. To remind them of home, or one of the greatest times in their life, these gift ideas are sure to inspire.

1. Tactical Stocking

Why use a felt stocking when you can have one made of desert camo or kelly green? Whether you ship one of these full of goodies from home or place on the chimney with the family’s, this gift is guaranteed to be a success. These can be personalized to include a name, branch and even the corresponding camo color.

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2. Multi-Tool

While a multi-tool is something that is used daily and not necessarily unique, engraving one with a message from home or name will make your service member smile. With a sweet note from home, the solider’s prayer or even the stamp of their branch, these are great personal stocking stuffers for everyday use.

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3. Personalized Branch Memorabilia

Any member of the service would be proud to wear a shirt or hat to signify their time in the military. There are thousands of options from keychains, shirts, firearms with insignias to ink pens with their individual branch imprinted to show their pride in their service. Any t-shirt or hat can be personalized to show where and when they served country with pride.

4. Ammo Box

Gifting a personalized ammo box is a surefire way to package any gift. Whether you fill this box with ammunition, gifts or alcohol, this box will remind your service member of their dedication to our country and allow them a unique storage solution for whatever they choose.

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5. Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are often given to members of the service as a sign of stature and to designate who is buying the drinks. Often, these are collected and can be found in unique places to tell stories from the service. These can be custom made to the branch and name, showing status of the member and elevating them from their peers. These can also be made with sayings from home, sweet sentiments or reminders of what our servicemen and women are protecting.

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6. Plaque

For members that are returning home or retired, to receive a plaque of thanks and reminders of their service will honor their time spent defending our freedom. These can be made with your member’s picture, their branch, a description of their unit or any details that you feel will make them feel appreciated for their service. These can be made locally, ordered from a personalization shop or for members with young children- made with a touch of love. This is sure to grace the walls of their home for the rest of their lives.

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7. Compass

While GPS and modern technology dominate the world today, receiving a custom gift from home with a message of love is sure to be the highlight of their holiday. These can be put with any message on them and always guide them during their travels.

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8. Paracord Grenade

Paracord is simply a type of rope that is tied tightly and often made into bracelets. Then when the user needs a rope, they untie the bracelet. Another unique alternative to this has emerged: a paracord grenade. Filled with survival tools or small gifts, this will surely be the most unique paracord item your service member has.

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9. Deployment Map

For members with travel-filled careers, having a map to showcase their service around the world is a unique and elegant gift for any member: retired or active duty. Using push pins, they are placed in locations where the member has traveled or been stationed at one point. Filling the map becomes a challenge and an accomplishment as they demonstrate their adventures while protecting our freedom.

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10. Dog Tag

Each member of the service is given a set of dog tags upon entering the service. Usually marked with their unique information and often a set is given to a loved one, this is a unique way for a dog tag to be a piece of jewelry. For a parent with a child at home, a member with a spouse waiting, or even a parent worrying daily, this reminder of home can be something worn close to the heart.

Thank you!

At The Patriot at Shield Republic, we want to honor and say thank you to our men and women of service. What items on this list inspired you for your loved one? Or what unique gift was a hit in your family? Comment down below to share your stories with our families.

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