10 Gift Ideas for the Politically Conservative

It’s Christmas season. Black Friday deals are all done. You even waited so long that Cyber Monday has come and past.

Now all the cheap deals are gone.

But you still have to deal with Christmas shopping for a few people!

Not just any people either… It’s your politically conscious family members. Not just that, they are the ones that looked into the deeper implications of their beliefs and have found that the leftists are uttering nonsense.

So, what in the world do you get for these politically conservative family members?

That’s where this list comes in. I have scoured the deepest corners of Google and found the top 10 best Christmas gifts for the politically conservative family member you still need a present for.

1. “Raised Right” Conservative T-shirt

Raised Right Conservative t-shirt

Shield Republic is renowned for making killer tees. We always have some of the funniest and most interesting sayings on top of that.

We really hit the nail on the head with this shirt.

It seems more and more that the liberal left is trying to control the individual. This shirt is a contribution to the idea of political freedom.

It also implies the left don’t think their policies all the way through, which is highly likely as well.

2. “Liberal Tears” 30oz Tumbler

Liberal Tears Tumbler

Everyone loves their morning coffee ritual in the morning.

Show off to your friends and family that you have made some people upset by using your brain with the 30oz hot or cold Yeti-style tumbler, inspired by the Daily Wire edition.

Nobody will again question whether they should bring feelings into the argument because you will for sure prove them wrong and upset them with good old logic and facts.

Of course, you’re not allowed to upset people these days though, so drink at your own risk.

3. Ronald Reagan Bobblehead

It’s no joke that if you really want to make some liberals mad, then bring up all the good that Ronald Reagan did. He is pretty much the epitome of conservative ideals.

Gift this badass bobblehead to any conservative and you will for sure make their day.

You will be able to admire it for years to come as it sits proudly on their desk. Most importantly, it will probably spark conversation, which is paramount to advancing society at large.

4. “I cry almost as much as liberals” Baby Onsie

My brother just recently had a little boy. Sadly, he isn’t a big crier. I only say “sadly” because it means this onsie would be a lie if I got it for him.

It’s a great way for any parent to begin instilling an actual value system that doesn’t rely on other’s complaints.

Plus, you get to call out the loud minority of the liberal left. They abuse the fact of being loud to cry about whatever has hurt their feelings lately. So, they try to make up rules and laws to keep people from being sad. Which is extremely ineffective and ironically oppressive.

5. Black Rifle Coffee Just Black Coffee Roast

Everyone and their dog are going to Starbucks to get the latest social media incarnation. They snap a pic and throw it up on social media to pretend to be photographers while actually getting nothing accomplished.

For those of you, which tend to have conservative values, you just want the no-nonsense coffee. That’s where the good folks at Black Rifle come in.

They are a veteran owned and operated coffee company that puts out ethically sourced and high-quality coffee at a reasonable price.

Support local vets and grab some great coffee, and some sweet gear, at their website. This insures you’re giving back to the people that keep America free.

6. BenShot Shot Glass 2oz

I’ve heard of shot glasses, but this is just r…really AWESOME.

BenShot is a family owned and operated glass crafting company out of rural Wisconsin. They started as a fun activity by a father and son and have turned into a full-on family owned business.

They facility they use for the glass crafting used to be owned by the great Thomas Edison.

The company makes super cool looking glassware that is extremely high quality. The company also hires veterans on a regular basis. They like to help out the men and women that are willing to lay down their life for the greater good of the country by giving them super cool jobs and supporting conservative values.

7. “Land of the Free” T-shirt

Land of the free home of the brave t-shirt

This is a super cool shirt than any politically conservative person would love.

You might also like our Betsy Ross 13-colony circle star flag items.  Colin Kaepernick infamously said the Betsy Ross flag is a representation of slavery.

First off, Betsy Ross was a huge advocate AGAINST slavery. In fact, she is known to have been a major contributor to the underground railroad to help people escape slavery.

Before I keep ranting about how dumb this guy is…he got benched before kneeling because he was a bad quarterback…I need to get back on track.

8. TurboPup K-9 Meal Bar

I love that TV show Shark Tank. It’s ironic that a super liberal station like CNBC plays it because its inherently capitalist instead of socialist, but whatever.

TurboPup was on there though.

It’s a healthy meal bar for dogs. People are always getting protein bars and various meal replacement bars, so some really smart individual wanted to create something for her pups.

Nothing is better than man’s best friend, so we need to take care of them like they take care of us. They help protect our home and emotional well-being, so it’s only right that we, in turn, take care of their physical health.

TurboPup is the perfect meal bar to help you take care of your own little doggo, whether it’s a Conan or a family pet.

9. Ultimate Rumi Gift Box

America is a cultural melting pot. Everyone knows that. As long as that melting pot happens legally.

The veterans that started Rumispice recognized this and show it. The company started because some military men were serving in Afghanistan and realized they have the ultimate saffron there.

They source the saffron honestly from the Afghani people. They then brought it to America and founded a company here.

Nothing says conservativism more than helping an American company that’s main purpose is to connect the world.

10. Black Tethered Flag Hat

I would be an idiot to make a list of conservative Christmas gifts and not include Shield Republic products.

I personally just love the design of the Black Tethered Flag hat the most, in fact, I’m wearing it right now as I type this.

Any product by Shield Republic is high quality and 100% of the profits goes to charities. A lot of those charities are based in first response and military.

For a company that really gives back, check out Shield Republic.

Show your support for conservative values, then show off your incredible new gear. Again, I recommend the Black Tethered Flag hat.

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