10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Trump Fans

You may remember my recent post about gift ideas for Conservatives.

Well, here is a smaller subset of that group. President Donald Trump is an extremely polarizing figure. Whether you agree or not, I’m sure that you’ve met people on both ends of the spectrum. Love or hate.

So, if you’re searching for a last-minute Christmas present for that special Trump fan in your life, then here is a list of ideas just for you.

1. Make America Great Again Hat

It’s no secret that President Trump has silly hair. During his first presidential campaign in 2016, President Trump introduced a very silly looking hat that was solid red except for the big lettering on the front that says, “Make America Great Again.”

Since coming out with the hat, MAGA has gained some serious notoriety.

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If you’re missing a gift for that one person that is a die-hard Trump supporter (in my opinion politically affiliation should be less of a support after the president has been elected. You should just support whoever is in office. Support doesn’t mean you have to like them or anything they stand for, but you have to support the decisions they make, otherwise, you would be contradicting the idea of a country and furthering a divide.) then the perfect gift is the signature hat by President Donald J. Trump.

2. Donald Trump Crew Socks

If you are a businessman, you have to wear suits…well, at least long pants.

That means you need some fancy socks as well. Dress shoes just don’t feel right unless you’re rocking some awesome socks.

Show the support of the President by getting some socks with his picture ALL OVER THEM.

I don’t have these socks yet, but anybody that has strong sock game, such as myself, needs some of these awesome socks. It will create conversation and make your feet happy at the same time.

3. The Mountain Trump Shirt

I’ve come across some pretty cool shirts in my day.

I once found the most American shirt of all time: George Washington waving the American flag with one hand and shooting a machine gun with the other, while riding a tiger in space.

It’s utter nonsense, but it’s pretty funny.

This right here is a version of this with the President Donald Trump. It’s over the top and comical.

I’m probably going to be grabbing a few of these for my family and friends…and one for myself of course.

4. The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

Before Donald Trump was the president and before he was a TV personality, he was a businessman. Not just that, he was an extremely successful businessman.

He wrote a book to explain how anyone can make killer deals.

This book doubles as a big support for President Donald Trump and a personal improvement source to learn how to make deals.

Even if you don’t like the President, I guarantee that you will learn a lot about making deals and leveraging yourself in life as well as financial deals.

5. “Donald Trump Lives Here” Stamp

The left despises the fact that Donald Trump beat the secret sketchy behind the scenes stuff that helped Hilary Clinton in the poles.

There is no better way to remind them of this than by stamping every piece of money that has the White House on it with this stamp.

It’s the ultimate “screw you” for anyone denying the fact of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Money doesn’t lose its value if it has a stamp or writing on it, so contribute to the future people to come across your dollar bills by stamping them with this.

6. 3’x5’ “Make America Great Again” Flag

People like to show their patriotism by flying flags in their front yard.

It’s incredibly common to see houses flying the Red, White, and Blue on their front porch. The perfect way to show your support for anything really, fly a flag with your support under the American flag.

It’s an election year in 2020, and a lot of people don’t want to talk politics or tell people who they support in the election. Don’t follow the crowd and fly your flag. Show support for the current President of the United States by flying a flag with his slogan on it.

7. Trump/Pence 2020 Pint Glass-Set of 2

There is nothing more relaxing than coming home from a long day of work, cracking open a cold one and flopping in your favorite chair.

It can only be made better by cracking open a cold one and pouring it into a chilled glass showing your support for the upcoming election.

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Give the gift of support to your family or friend by getting these super cool pint glasses with a frosted logo showing the support for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as they pursue re-election in 2020.

8. Trump “Fake News” Stamper

In case it wasn’t obvious, I think stampers are really cool.

Nothing would be funnier than having someone try to show you an article that is overly biased either way of the spectrum and you get to truly fact check it then slap a big old “Fake News” stamp to show everyone how ridiculous the current level of media bias is showing up in the news.

President Trump can’t be the only one fighting the liberal slant of the media.

Help your friends and family do the same with this stamper.

9. “Impeach the Democrats” T-shirt

I’m pretty sure that everyone in the world has heard about the impeachment attempts currently happening in the United States right now.

They are a complete farce. When you have people saying that we can’t wait for all the facts to come out because it could slow down the process, then you know that you’re literally dealing with an extremely slanted political agenda.

Contradict this nonsense that people really don’t buy into by getting your very own “Impeach the Democrats” t-shirt.

10. Trump 1776 Punisher T-shirt

What kind of employee would I be if I didn’t include something from my own company’s store?

I love all the Trump gear that is over at the shop, but what I love the most has to be the Trump 1776 Punisher t-shirt.

I think Punisher is one of the coolest superheroes ever, and he is getting revenge on the people that killed his family. In the same way, though not nearly as dramatic, Trump is fighting the ever-crazier liberal democrats.

Show your support of the President by getting your very own Trump 1776 Punisher t-shirt.

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